Remedy Entertainment Still has an Unannounced Project in the Works

It’s been known for a good while now that Remedy Entertainment has a large number of projects coming up. However, employee Mikael Kasurinen has some interesting information on his LinkedIn profile that shows that there’s still one Remedy Entertainment project we haven’t heard of yet. But what could it be? It’s anyone’s guess for the time being.

The five projects that we know Remedy is working on right now are Alan Wake 2, two games related to Control (for now titled Codename Condor and Codename Heron), the games-as-a-service title Codename Vanguard, and the remastered Max Payne games.

This is already a lot on Remedy’s plate, but for there to be another, unannounced project in the works is astounding. While the company has released a good number of well-regarded games over the past few years, hopefully they can spread their talent among all of these games to make them just as good.

Of course, who knows exactly what this new, unannounced title is going to be anyway. By now it’s assumed that any Remedy Entertainment project is going to be good, but whether it’s an entirely new IP or another sequel remains to be seen, especially without any details.

It’s most likely a new IP, considering we already have sequels in the making for Alan Wake and Control, but Quantum Break could also have a sequel in the planning since that game also won praise for its gameplay and story, and left Jack Joyce’s story open-ended for a possible sequel. With how well Quantum Break did financially, that’s also a point in its favor for a sequel.

However, with two sequels on the way, it’s just as likely that the new Remedy Entertainment project might be a whole new IP. Regardless of how it goes, all we can do in the meantime is simply wait until Remedy decides to actually reveal this unannounced game of theirs.

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