Remedy Entertainment Still Have Faith in Single Player Games

Remedy Entertainment, known for games like Quantum Break, Alan Wake, Max Payne and the upcoming Control, says that single player games are still in a strong place and better than ever. This information was revealed by Remedy Game Studio CEO Tero Virtala at Reboot Develop Blue last month in an interview with

According to Tero Virtala, single player games are here to stay as they are not going anywhere anytime soon. He also believes that the next few years will be a great time for single player games. Despite the publisher doubts, single player games have proved their worth in recent years. To explain further, he referred to the success of games like God of War from Sony.

When we were discussing with publishers three years ago, many of them were quite doubtful about what would be the [AAA blockbuster] single-player game’s future. Now, with the success of many of Sony’s games, the success that Ubisoft has shown, we are seeing that single-player games are stronger now than they have ever been.

Virtala then continued to talk about the studio’s desire to create AAA games and three key pillars.

We defined three key pillars: We continue making games that stand out in the market, that are built on the world’s characters and stories, and that are action games. We also need to take those games in a direction that provides longer lasting gameplay, with new storytelling techniques.

He also said that the increasing competition from Epic Games and Google Stadia will open a lot of new opportunities for the developers. “The race is on for the Netflix of games,” Virtala said and he believes that big giants like Sony, Microsoft, and Google will invest heavily in game streaming services.

To sell these upcoming platforms, companies will need to deliver new and exclusive content, which will open up new and wider business opportunities for Remedy.

That said, it’s clear that Remedy will not be following trends like battle royale or adapt games as a live service model to make money. The studio is focused on making single player video games and ready to take advantages that will come with new sales opportunities in the future.

Until then, we have Control to look forward to which is scheduled to launch on August 27 for Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PC.

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