New Remedy Entertainment Game Coming For Playstation?

A new Remedy Entertainment game might very well be coming for Playstation after a Sony executive started tweeting job openings.

A new Remedy Entertainment game might be in the making for Playstation consoles. While nothing is confirmed, Claire Bromley, who is an external producer at Playstation Productions and Sony’s XDev, has been sharing Remedy job openings on her Twitter page. She had previously done the same for Housemarque, Returnal’s developers.

Returnal is already a Playstation 5 exclusive game, so if Bromley is doing the same for Remedy, we may be getting a Playstation exclusive game from them as well. Previously, Remedy’s works have been on both Xbox and Playstation consoles, most recently Control.

The three different job offers that Bromley has posted for Remedy include Head of Project Management, Communications Specialist, and Dialogue Designer, all of which would be big fits for a new Remedy game. However, we still have no idea of what the studio is working on.

Previously, Remedy had said that they were working on multiple new titles, and that the next new Remedy Entertainment game would be announced by the publisher when they were ready, though the same team that made Control is already hard at work on it.

Each of Remedy’s games that have come out over the past few years like Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control, have all pushed the envelope of gaming and gameplay in various ways, ranging from the timeline shenanigans of Quantum Break to the SCP-Lite atmosphere of Control.

There’s no telling exactly what Remedy is working on with all of these new job offers, but it will undoubtedly be something amazing, especially since the last Control DLC once again brought up the Alan Wake story arc by implying that Alan had written the game’s story and characters into existence to free him from the Dark Presence.

Either way, we’ll have to be patient if we want to see the new Remedy Entertainment game for ourselves. Either way, we’ll know that the studio will do a great job on it. You can look at these new Remedy Entertainment job listings for yourself by following this link.

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