Remedy Inks Publishing Deal For Two Next-Gen Games

Remedy Entertainment has signed a publishing agreement with an unknown "major publisher" for two unannounced next-generation games.

Remedy Entertainment has signed a publishing agreement with an unknown “major publisher” for two unannounced next-generation games.

According to a press release sent out, both in-development projects belong to the same franchise and are hence, set within the same universe. The first game, previously teased as an “unannounced third project” by Remedy Entertainment, will be a triple-a multiplatform offering and is already in pre-production. The second game will be on a smaller scale in comparison. Both are slated for release in the next few years and will land on next-generation consoles as well as PC.

The first project is an AAA multi-platform game already in pre-production and previously referred to as the “unannounced third project”. The second is a new smaller-scale project set in the same franchise. Both projects are being developed on Remedy’s proprietary Northlight game engine and tools.

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that it will be entitled to half of the net revenue from sales while also retaining all ownership of the intellectual property. In return, the publisher — remains to be revealed — will fully bear the development cost and entitled to the other half of net revenue from sales.

There have been a lot of rumors and speculations about the current state of Remedy Entertainment. Earlier in March, a visit from Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida birthed the idea of a PlayStation-exclusive project in addition to Sony strongly considering to acquire the Finnish studio. Last November, Remedy Entertainment’s co-owner Sam Lake teased something new which many took as a return of Alan Wake.

Whether that unknown publisher is Sony or still 505 Games remains to be seen. On the current frontlines, Control continues to amass immense praise from critics and fans. The reality-bending action-adventurer has a new story expansion pack called The Foundation in play which adds two new abilities plus about four to five hours of gameplay.

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