“Next Big Remedy Game” To Take Place In Remedy Connected Universe

Remedy Entertainment has reiterated its plans to continue expanding the same Remedy Connected Universe for its upcoming games.

During a recent earnings call, creative director Sam Lake confirmed (via PSU) that “the next big Remedy game will take place in the Remedy Connected Universe” which was already presumed as much.

The events of Control and Alan Awake were confirmed a few months back to be linked and set within a singular universe. Remedy Entertainment calls this the Remedy Connected Universe and which the studio has been slowly building up for several years now. Lake stated back then that each of the recent Remedy games are completely standalone but also “a doorway into a larger universe with exciting opportunities for crossover events.”

That said crossover took place with AWE, an expansion pack for Control. Remedy Entertainment is now looking to add more to the Remedy Connected Universe. The developer is currently working on a number of unannounced projects outside of Vanguard and an untitled collaboration with Epic Games. The latter probably being its next upcoming game and which is being teased as a nice fit in the Remedy Connected Universe. How exactly will it link with Alan Wake and Control remains to be seen.

It goes without saying that fans are desperately in need to hear about a new Alan Wake game. While Remedy Entertainment is not saying anything about a new game, the planned Alan Wake television show is still in the works despite an extensive radio silence observed by everyone involved.

Control was released last year to critical acclaim on all supported platforms. The third-person paranormal shooter was supposed to land on the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles “at the end of 2020” but was then delayed. The next-generation version of Controler: Ultimate Edition will arrive somewhere in early 2021 with “awesome” quality.

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