How To Relocate Teams In Madden NFL 19

Relocation is the go-to strategy if you want to have a franchise in your own backyard. There are many reasons for you to relocate and often times; it can be what saves your franchise. Let us look at how to relocate teams in Madden NFL 19.

Once you know how to relocate teams in Madden NFL 19, you will be able to utilize it whenever you want. However, it is important to remember that you can only relocate if you are the owner of your franchise and not as a coach or a player.

Relocate Teams in Madden NFL 19

When you begin the game, you have about 5 options to select for relocation.

You can choose to turn it off completely, you can choose that only human players are allowed to relocate and AI has to stay where they are, you can choose to give the option to move to everyone.

There is also the normal option which means that you can only relocate if the stadium has fallen below a certain rating. This essentially means that you will be able to relocate your stadium simply by not repairing it.

AI teams will always try to repair their stadium but they might be low on cash. This means that losing AI teams may relocate after a few seasons. You can also have this option with the ‘Users Only’ clause.

How to Relocate Teams

The commissioner can change the above-mentioned setting at any time. If you qualify for a relocation, you can see its option in Week 5.

You can preview the available cities and then lock in your choice to relocate. Once you have relocated, you cannot go back on the process.

In the beginning, you will need to select a city to relocate to. Cycle through the cities (3 of them are outside the US) and select one of them.

You need to be able to recover lost money when you move to a new city so choose a city with interest in NFL or you will end up broke.

The interest, market size, and personality are 3 factors that you need to look for when deciding which city you want to relocate to.

Once you have decided on which city you want to move to, you can choose the logo and the name of your team during the 6th week.

You can also choose to have the same logo and the same name or move to have the name of the city that you are moving to. In the 7th week, you will be able to select your uniform and you will have a popularity poll to help you with it.

During the 8th week, you will come to the final step which will have you selecting a new stadium. Take the size of the market and the personality into account. For example, a large stadium in Mexico City will be great.

For the smaller stadiums, have more suites for the corporate people to rake in the cash.

Deluxe stadiums have more upgraded parts than the basic stadiums. If you have money, then go for the deluxe one. Otherwise, the basic stadium is the one for you.

You can go into debt when building but you cannot upgrade the stadium until you have cleared your debt. Once you have done all of this, you will relocate to your next stadium in the next year.

That is how to relocate teams in Madden NFL 19. Let us know if you have something to add using the comments section below!

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