Reiko Will Return With Mortal Kombat 12 In 2023, Claims Leaker

Mortal Kombat 12 remains to be officially announced but characters from its playable roster have already begun to potentially leak online.

According to known Mortal Kombat leaker “r00000r” (via Reddit) from the weekend, Mortal Kombat 12 is currently in development and will be looking to release somewhere in 2023 with Reiko, a character who was killed in the cannon.

The leaker in question previously leaked almost the entire playable roster of both Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat 11. That accurate history though should still not stop fighting fans from treating all such leaks as mere rumors.

Reiko made his debut in Mortal Kombat 4 before returning in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, while making cameo appearances in nearly all of the other installments released in-between and after.

He was originally introduced as a general of Shao Kahn but later became subject to a debate around whether Reiko was Shao Kahn in the first place or not? He bears a lot of similarities to the tyrant of the Outworld throne, even having a desire to become its new ruler.

Reiko is one of many characters fans have asked developer NetherRealm Studios to bring back over the years. He however was never included in the rebooted timeline, at least for now. Making his return even more surprising is the fact that Reiko was killed at the hands of Havik, another character fans want back, in a comic book series for Mortal Kombat X which serves as cannon.

Last month, creative director Ed Boon stated NetherRealm Studios has broken the pattern of back-to-back Mortal Kombat and Injustice releases. That would stand true if the developer ends up releasing two Mortal Kombat games in a row instead of Injustice 3 in-between.

It however remains unknown as to what NetherRealm Studios is currently working on. There have been rumors though of a new Marvel fighting game in the pipelines, which has fans speculating if the developer is looking to follow its old Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe game with a new Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel game.

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