Redfall Crossplay Officially Confirmed Between PC and Xbox

Microsoft has officially announced that Arkane Studios' Redfall will have crossplay between PC and Xbox when it releases.

Surprising probably nobody, the official Redfall Twitter announced today that crossplay between the PC and Xbox is happening. While the game doesn’t come out until May 2, it’s still good for those who are interested in it to know that the title will support crossplay, even if that was expected coming from Microsoft.

Redfall is a multiplayer first-person shooter game where players take on the role of four separate people as they fight to free the town of Redfall from the vampires and cultists that have taken it over. And not only are Xbox and PC both confirmed for crossplay, you can also make use of crossplay no matter what store you buy the game in, including Game Pass, Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Hopefully, considering Microsoft and Arkane had previously said that Redfall would require players to always be online even if they’re playing alone, the crossplay is up to the task, especially if you’re playing with a group and suddenly find yourself alone, or your team finds themselves down one player.

Redfall will give players four characters to choose from, each with their own sets of powers and special abilities. This ranges from the sniper Jacob, to the telekinetic Layla, the combat engineer Remi, or the cryptozoologist Devinder. And with all of the powers vampires are shown to have in gameplay, they’ll need all their skills at their disposal.

With crossplay now on the rise for multiple Xbox and PC games, and even a few Playstation games, players are now no longer having to worry about being able to play with their friends who are on other consoles, and with Redfall coming out on Xbox Series X and PC, console and PC players don’t have to worry about their friends not being able to play with them.

Redfall will be coming out on May 2 exclusively for the Xbox Series X and PC, so if you and your friends have been looking for a new team-based shooter to run around in, feel free to keep an eye on it.

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