Redfall Dev Assures Fans That It’s Still an Arkane Experience

When Redfall was revealed by Bethesda and Arkane Studios, fans were somewhat skeptical as the game appeared quite different from Dishonored and Prey. Fans had similar reaction to Deathloop however, the game turned out to be fine. Now, as for Redfall, Arkane developers have assured fans that while the game has a unique feel, it still is an Arkane experience at its core.

Redfall Creative Director Ricardo Bare said in an interview with Vandal (translated):

I would like to say that if you are a fan of Arkane, and what you are interested in is a deep world construction, a first-person perspective, light RPG mechanics, stealth mechanics … All those things are in the game and you’re going to be happy [with the result].

So while the game seems much faster and action-packed, it will still give you the experiences you have come to love and expect from Arkane Studios. The developer further explained that Redfall will also feature different choices as solutions to different problems in the game. So, just like Dishonored, you have an objective, there will be multiple ways of achieving it.

We don’t have fifteen missions [like the] Menchanic Mansion in a row, we couldn’t because of the sacrifice of letting players explore a big open world. But in addition to the systemic open world content, there’s a campaign that takes you through the game’s history. Each of those missions has an Arkane-style level design. Some of them have really cool surprises and twists, which probably remind you of Dishonored’s missions.

If my goal is to infiltrate an area full of sectarians, because it’s an open world, you don’t need to go through the front door. There are multiple entrance areas, maybe there is a lever that can operate. That within a mission.

But can we complete the main Redfall campaign without killing anyone just like we could in Dishonored? Well, that might be too much to ask but we can’t be sure for now.

It was further explained that while the game is fully enjoyable in co-op, the single-player experience is without any AI. It was done purposefully so that players can feel the actual single-player experience if they want to.

We want the single-player experience to be perceived as a single-player experience. We expect players to play first alone, but maybe not, maybe they will play immediately with other people. But if you have the game and you choose any of the heroes, that’s your character, and you play the game, and you encounter the tactical situations, you collect resources, you level up, you understand the story, you absorb all the environmental narrative, and you complete the campaign; some things happen in linear order and some don’t; and then you have all those other things like shelter missions and nests that can be done. There are a lot of dynamic things and it’s perceived as your [own] path through the world.

Apart from the main campaign, Redfall has other activities like side missions and Nests to keep players busy. We aren’t sure how long the main campaign is going to be but the more we know about Redfall, the better it looks. Redfall is scheduled to release in first half of 2023 for Xbox Series X|S and PC. The game is also expected to arrive on Game Pass.

Contributor at SegmentNext.