A Reddit User Has Managed To Find An Atari 2700, Not Seen Since 1981

A Reddit user by the name of L046N has apparently found a forgotten piece of history, managing to obtain what appears to be an Atari 2700, a prototype sequel console to the much more famous Atari 2600 that was never put into full production. Whether it’s legitimate or not is another story.

The Atari 2700 was supposed to be one of several planned followups to the Atari 2600, being a version of the 2600 that came with wireless controllers, something that wouldn’t happen until somewhere around the tail end of the original Xbox’s run. At least 12 of these souped-up Atari consoles were apparently made, but the system was never put into production.

The Atari 2700, in addition to its wireless controllers (which would operate via radio signals), would be fully compatible with the Atari 2600, able to play all of its games and use all of its accessories with no trouble. Atari actually put out several ads for the console, but it never got released.

The discovery actually brings to mind another internet user that found the prototype of what would have been a collaborative console between Nintendo and Sony, before Sony went off to make the Playstation. Neither console was ever put into full-scale production despite being fairly ambitious for their time.

The news is also oddly timed in that Atari has previously announced an Ataribox console, which appears to be something similar to Nintendo’s SNES and NES Classic consoles.

Whether the console that L046N found really is an Atari 2700 though, is another story. While there are a number of cynics that don’t think it’s the real thing, it seems legitimate so far. If it turns out to be fake we’ll likely hear of it from at least some news outlet.

If you want to see the Atari 2700 for yourself, you can find L046N’s Reddit post on the Retro Gaming subreddit.