Red Faction: Armageddon Nano Forge Abilities Guide

Nano Forge is a nano-technology device in the Red Faction canon, initially created by Axel Capek prior to this death in Red Faction. You can read the guide below for all the Red Faction: Armageddon Nano Forge Abilities available to you in the game.

Red Faction: Armageddon Nano Forge Abilities

Nano Forge devices has been transformed over these years to enable the user with several abilities which he can employ during the combat or use it generally in the Red Faction universe.


Description: Berserk mode as the name suggest, overcharges Darius and his weapons.
Uses: Offense

Berserk Nano Forge ability is designed solely for combat. It charges your weapons to an extent which increases their output for a short period of time. Every kill during the Berserk mode will increase Berserk timer, giving you more time to kill your enemies with charged weapons.

Very handy Nano Forge ability in the thick of combat. You can also upgrade it to project an energy explosion around you on a regular basis, inflicting damage to anyone who comes near.


Description: Projects a force field that stops all incoming projectiles.
Uses: Defense

Activate the Shell to project a force field globe around your current location. This will shield your from incoming projectiles. Your allies can still enter the field while enemies can’t. Any unauthorized entry damages the unit.

When upgraded, Shell also rebounds the projectiles so they hit the enemies who fired them.


Description: Emits energy around you that will inflict damage to life forms.
Uses: Close Combat, Crowd Control

Shockwave will suspend all the enemies around you in the mid-air and stun them for a while. However, this nano forge ability does not have any effect on Behemoths. When fully upgraded, Shockwave not only hurts all enemies in its area of effect, it also heals you.


Description: Impact emits a force beam that destroys anything in front and launches enemies with its high velocity.
Uses: Destruction, Close Combat

Impact is exceptionally useful in close combat. While it doesn’t cause much damage, you can use it’s velocity to throw your enemies against the nearby walls. You can upgrade it to increase it’s area of effect and its velocity.


Description: Restores damaged items.
Uses: Repair, Defense

This Nano Forge ability will enable you to repair all damaged man-made items to their original form. Hold the Repair button to release a stream of nanites that will begin fixing the damage done to most non-biological objects with a radius of a few meters. Thus you can re-create bridges so that you can proceed further and finish a mission.

The feature “repair grenades” also becomes unlocked later and can be used by tapping the button. This feature is very helpful in the Defend maps of Infestation.

Let us know in comments which one of these is your favorite Nano Forge ability. You can also check our Red Faction Armageddon Vehicles and Weapons Guide.

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