What is Red Dead Retribution?

Since 2010 we have been waiting to see another Red Dead game. There have been leaks, speculations, and rumors regarding the long awaited game. However, nothing official from Rockstar Games.

But over the past few months we have heard from credible sources that Rockstar will soon reveal its next Red Dead game. In fact, even though Sony denied it but Red Dead was suppose to be at E3 2016. Due to tragic events of Orlando and the nature of the reveal footage, Sony pulled the announcement.

Any rumor or leak at this point is taken very seriously as we are getting close to an announcement day by day. So when a game called Red Dead Retribution popped up online complete with box art, case, poster etc, it was only natural to go nuts.

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Here’s a look at Red Dead Retribution box, map and disk.

Red Dead Retribution

Looks great and enough to have us begging for a gameplay video and official announcement. However, this is a complete fake that was widely reported across the internet. It fooled many before its creator, a fan of Rockstar, revealed the full story.

Red Dead Retribution is nothing but a fan made fake that was sent to Rockstar; a very detailed fake! He came up with a very interesting synopsis as well.

When Tala awakes after a ruthless attack on her village, she is barely alive. She must track down the murderers of her people and take back the land that was once theirs.

The premise is intriguing and a female lead would really be interesting for Red Dead. Sadly, it is nothing official or real for that matter.

Red Dead 3 is in development but when and how will Rockstar announce it remains to be seen. Do you think Rockstar will announce the game at PlayStation Meeting?

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