Red Dead Redemption Epilogue Part 2 Beecher’s Hope Walkthrough Guide

Once you are done with the first part of the epilogue, the second part begins. This part is slightly longer than the first one and has a lot more action compared to it. Our Red Dead Redemption Epilogue Part 2 Beecher’s Hope Walkthrough Guide will walk you through the entire chapter.

Red Dead Redemption Epilogue Part 2 Beecher’s Hope Walkthrough

Start off by speaking to Uncle at Beecher’s Hope. You need to find Charles. Speak to the saloon’s bartender in order to get his information and then head north to Saint Saturnines.

Bet on Charles to make money when there and then use cover when ambushed at the docks to take out the enemies. In the end, do not draw attention to yourself and escape the area.

Next, meet with Sadie at the Blackwater Saloon and head to the hill. Use your binoculars to scout the area and then ride to the place where the fight is going to take place.

Use the first option to speak between the enemies and take them out one by one. Use the elevation to take out enemies one by one.

After that, progress down the canyon and take out enemies as they come up. Stay behind cover and watch out for the flanks.

In the end, get the bounty and stow him on your horse. Gallop at full speed to spend as little time as possible in the enemy territory and escape the area to complete this part.


Find Albert Cakes in the lumberyard and then head to Manzanita Post. Use your cover to take out enemies when you are ambushed.

Make sure to avoid the chargers who carry machetes. Their attacks kill you instantly. Once you deal with the first wave, even more, enemies come around whom you need to kill.

Keep on using cover and take out all enemies. Make sure you take notice of the enemies that are hiding behind the trees. When the last enemy is dead, go to the highlighted area to get the toolbox and then return to Beecher’s Hope.

A Quick Favor for an Old Friend

Find uncle at the tree and follow him to Blackwater. Speak to the owner and then ride with Sadie to Painted Sky. Investigate the barn and fight Ramon Cortez. Block his attacks and counter to win easily.

Pick the bounty up and drop him at the Sheriff’s office. Beat everyone in the shootout and then ride to Dewberry Creek.

Here, cover Sadie using your sniper rifle and then join her at the campfire. Here, you need to continue using your sniper to take out all of the enemies until you are at the beach. Once everyone is dead, aim at Cortez’s boat and make him turn around. Defeat the last wave of enemies and then take Cortez to the sheriff’s office in Rhodes.

Uncle’s Bad Day

Follow uncle and then Charles to Tall Trees. Walk with him and take the Skinner lookouts using your bow. Kill the skinners or pass through them and then use your binoculars at the high ground to scout the camp.

After the cutscene, Press R2 when the aim is at the head of the Skinners attacking Charles.

Here, run to the entrance of the camp and take cover to take out the enemies one by one. Use your radar to identify enemies and then protect your Uncle and Charles from all of them.

Take out all threats with headshots and then get to the horses. Use your horses to flee the area, dealing with all of the enemies that come in your way (there are only a few).

Trying Again and A Really Big Bastard

Start off by finding Jack under a tree. Walk to the river with him and use the commands to catch a fish. Search for the dog when you see Jack worrying about him. In the end, suck the venom from Jack’s wound to end this mission.

Next, you need to talk to Abigail at Beecher’s Hope. Follow Sadie to Tall Trees and then close in on the bounty.

Use Eagle Eye when the trail is lost to follow the footprints until you get to the small cabin. Here, a bear will charge you which you need to kill by shooting multiple times.

In the end, escort Sadie back to the sheriff and take out the 2 riders who are approaching you. Get to the office in order to complete the mission.

A New Future Imagined

Get to Abigail at Beecher’s Hope and then drive to Blackwater in the wagon. Park the wagon and then go to the photo studio to select a backdrop.

After that, have your photo taken before going to the Imperial Theatre right across the street. In the end, go to the shore and use the boat to head out into the lake. Simply follow the on-screen prompts to complete this part.

American Venom

Get to Abigail at Beecher’s Hope and follow Sadie to Strawberry. Beat Cleet when he is caught and tie the noose around him. You decide whether to kill him or not. Save him to get the honor.

After that, get to Mount Hagen. When Charles is shot, sprint to the rock for cover and then use a weapon to take out the sniper.

Once you are done with the cutscene at the top of the hill, kill the 3 men using the lock-on and flick technique to headshot them. Get through the section and take out the enemies waiting on the other end.

Once you are at the next hill, you need to take out 3 enemies using Deadeye or your flick technique. There is a campsite at the top which you can use to replenish your core.

Towards the end, you will come to Micah where you need to duel him. You need to shoot the lantern to start a fire. He will then leave his hiding place and move to the wood storage shed.

Fire at him and he will go to the outhouse where you can take him out to end the Epilogue.

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