Red Dead Redemption Epilogue Part 1 Pronghorn Ranch Walkthrough Guide

Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Epilogue Part 1 Walkthrough Guide will help you 100% complete the epilogue with all choices, optional quests, and Gold Medals.

Once you are done with all 6 of the chapters in the game, you will enter the 2 Epilogues. This Red Dead Redemption Epilogue Part 1 Pronghorn Ranch Walkthrough Guide will walk you through the entire first part of the walkthrough.

Red Dead Redemption Epilogue Part 1 Pronghorn Ranch Walkthrough

The mission starts as soon as you are done with the last mission of Chapter 6. At the start of the mission, go to the bridge and then move inside the store to talk to the shopkeeper.

Then, go to the doctor and watch the cutscene. After that, mount the horse and chase the wagon. Get the wagon and take it back to the ranch.

Simple Pleasure and Farming for Beginners

At the start, talk to Mr. Geddes and then follow Abe until you get to milk the cow. After that, clean the stable using the pitchfork to scoop the manure. Return the pitchfork when done and then speak to Abigail.

Now, you need to head to the southern side of the ranch to repair the fence. Pound in the post and then walk to the nearby corral to lasso the bull. The bull will resist you at first but you can calm it down. Then, walk slowly towards it and reassure it.

After doing all that is mentioned above, find Geddes to then get to Duncan. Calm his horse and then gallop to the nearby fields. Once the horse is tired, get to Duncan at the corral.

After that, you will need to help Mrs. Geddes to foal a mare. Go to the nearby stall and then tilt his lags following the on-screen instructions.

In the end, get back to your house to talk to Abigail. You will be tasked with teaching Jack how to ride. Simply teach him how to go faster and slower. Once you are at the stream, there will be a race that you need to win.

Old Habits and Jim Milton Rides, Again

This mission starts as soon as the last one is complete. In this mission, you need to investigate the disturbances and then defeat Laramie in a fistfight.

Let him attack and then block him so that you can counter. Repeat this process to quickly defeat Laramie.

When you get to the stables, you will find David Geddes and his wife. Get to the stalls and beat up the thugs attacking Tom Dickens. Make sure to block each punch and then counter. Once you are done, ride to the Hanging Dog Ranch.

Here, a shootout will begin in which you need to survive. Get to cover and take shots whenever you can before returning to cover.

Once all of the enemies are dead, move inside the ranch and beat the only guy in there in a fistfight. In the end, make your way back to Pronghorn.

Father and Motherhood

Start off by meeting Abigail at your horse and then take the wagon near the post office. Here, collect your mail. After that, you are ambushed by 3 men who you need to beat by triggering Deadeye right at the start and head-shotting all of them.

When Motherhood begins, follow Abe and get the telegram before going to do the chores. After you are done, get to the Geddes Household.

Gainful Employment

Meet Sadie at the Valentine saloon and ride to Strawberry. Here, talk to people and then go to room 3 upstairs. Follow Kirk and make sure that you capture him alive.

Cut corners as much as you can and then catch up with him to immobilize him with your lasso and hogtie him. Then, stow him on Sadie’s horse and take him back.

The last mission has you talking to Ansel Atherton inside his office at the Blackwater bank. Then, go to Beecher’s Hope to either give them $10 to leave the area or kill them with Deadeye. In the end, return to Beecher’s Hope with your uncle.

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