Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date To Be Confirmed Tomorrow? What Else Can We Expect?

As Rockstar Games has teased in the previous days, tomorrow Thursday September 28 at 11AM ET, there will be something revealed for Red Dead Redemption 2. The reveal will be happening in the form of a livestream by IGN with Rockstar Games in both Twitch and Youtube so be sure not to miss it. What should we expect though? Shall we see a story or a gameplay trailer? Will we get an official release date?

The description of the livestream by IGN reads: “Join us this Thursday to see what Rockstar has to say about the much-anticipated sequel”. So it is safe to say that we’ll not only see a trailer or some brief information about the game but Red Dead Redemption 2 is getting its standalone grand reveal it deserves.

As we expect it to happen there will first be a minute or two of cinematic trailer with probably some story information or ingame footage. Seeing some gameplay footage at the start of the reveal is a little difficult to be happening as the entire show is centered around Red Dead Redemption 2 so the hype must somehow build up and what better way to do this than implement a cinematic trailer?

After that we expect Rockstar representatives to be discussing with IGN some of the gameplay elements of the game while maybe showing some gameplay footage. There hasn’t been many leaks about the game.

What would seem ideal is for them to be revealing the identities of the four men we saw previously riding horses in a revealed screenshot which are probably the ones also seen in the first screenshot teased. Are they playable characters, companions or just story oriented NPC? Let’s hope we find out tommorow.

The big question though is, will there be a release date for Red Dead Redemption tommorow? Given the history of Rockstar with its biggest franchises the answer is yes. The company likes to deliver the hype of announcing the release date of one of their videogames as seen previously with Grand Theft Auto V.

One more thing fans are “dying” to know is whether or not Red Dead Redemption 2 will make it to PC. Take Two has previously stated that PC is important for a game to be successful and that without it the game will not be as huge as GTA V. Maybe they thought about it and announce its port for PC tommorow? The only thing we know is that the developers we scared to the idea of bringing the game to PC only because of its size and graphic weight.

Don’t forget to tune in tommorow to IGN’s livestream with the Red Dead Redemption Reveal to check whether our expectations were true or not. The game is for now expected to come to Xbox One and Playstation 4 in Spring of 2018.

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