Red Dead Redemption 2 No Good Deed Stranger Mission Guide

No Good Deed is one of the many Stranger missions you can come across while exploring the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. You unlock it in Chapter 3 and find the stranger in Rhodes to start this stranger mission. In this RDR2 guide, we will show you how to complete No Good Deed stranger mission.

Red Dead Redemption 2 No Good Deed Stranger Mission

A gentleman in a striped suit will be sitting at the end of Main Street and looking very upset. Interact with him and he will tell you that he’s a doctor.

He’s feeling upset because some bandits ambushed him and stole his wagon full of medical supplies. You will agree to help him get the wagon back. This starts the RDR2 stranger mission and now you will have to track down the wagon and kill the bandits who stole it.

Wagon Location
Walk down the street and an NPC will point you to the direction of the bandits and a marker will pop up on your map. They went to Macomb’s End and this waypoint is the location of the bandits’ hideout.

Battling the Bandits
This will be a big shootout so make sure you’re stocked up on ammo and fill up the Dead Eye meter. Take cover behind the thick trees of the forest and begin picking off enemies that pop out from the sides of the buildings. Then proceed forward in between covers as you take out the remaining bandits on the street.

Clear the area of bandits and you’ll find the wagon behind one of the buildings.

The next part of the stranger mission is a test of your driving skills. Ride the wagon back to the doctor while being careful of the bumpy swamp path. Not being careful could cause damage to the wagon and you might fail this encounter.

You will also encounter two more bandits at a crossroad so kill them and then proceed. Once you bring the wagon to the doctor, he will thank you and reward you with a new tonic recipe.

This marks the end of the No Good Deed stranger mission.