Red Dead Redemption 2 First Person Mode Confirmed For Launch

When GTA V got the first person mode, it was without any doubt one of the coolest aspects. That first person got quite a lot of popularity, which perhaps led Rockstar to think that this does not have to be a one-time thing for their games. So Red Dead Redemption 2 First Person Mode actually became a thing.

And now you would be happy to know that it will be available at the launch as soon as Red Dead Redemption 2 hits the shelves come October.

We all already have quite a lot of expectations for the game and based on the details, which include the trailers as well, it does look promising. Now with the included first-person mode, it will definitely serve as an extension of life for the game.

Having said that for those who have a liking for the first-person mode, the mode will not be complicated to activate or deactivate. You will be able to activate or deactivate it any time you like and except for cutscenes, it affects the entire game.

Apart from that PS4 users will be able to cycle through the camera modes using the trackpad, however, it is not certain of what will be the case for Xbox One.

Having said that Red Dead Redemption 2 is something that Rockstar is working hard on. They have made sure that the open world of this western themed action-adventure game’s map is as immense as they could possibly make it.

To be honest it should be immense because in the real wild west the world used to be pretty open and you would have to travel pretty far, for small things as well. So this will certainly bring this game close to reality in a way.

Adding more to the perks of the game, its interaction system is also one of the major improvements in the game, compared to its predecessor.

So bets are that this October, fans will be immersed in the western world for sure.