How to Unlock Fast Travel in Red Dead Redemption 2

The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is absolutely massive and thus it is very hard for you to go from one place to the other due to the time that is required, especially if you do not utilize your ability to fast travel. There are multiple methods of fast traveling in RDR2. This guide will help you learn all about fast traveling methods at your disposal, how to unlock them, and use them to quickly explore the Wild West.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fast Travel

You cannot access Red Dead Redemption 2’s fast travel mechanic from the in-game map.

To get even the opportunity to unlock fast travel, you need to finish the prologue and reach the point where your gang has settled at camp. This is the point when the open world becomes available to explore in its entirety.

This will allow you to upgrade your campsite with new features and progress markers, one of which is the option to unlock the travel map at Arthur’s lodge.

There are a total of 3 different fast travel methods that you can use in Red Dead Redemption 2. The first one is the free option that can be unlocked by simply upgrading your camp.

The second one is through the Post Office and the Trains while the last one is the Stagecoach that can be hailed in almost every town. Let us take a look at all of the methods of fast travel in RDR2 one by one.

Upgrading your Camp

After completing the first tax collection mission for Leopold Strauss, you will unlock a ledger found next to the donation box by Dutch’s tent.

Upgrade Dutch’s tent for $220 on page six in the ledger, under Lodging, and the travel map will become available for purchase at the price of $325 underneath the header titled “Next in Line.”

The upgrades cost about $545 in total. Now, you can use the camp to quickly travel to towns that you have already discovered. Once you have purchased the map, it will appear on Arthur’s wagon next to the bed. Simply approach it and select any location you have previously visited and you will have the option to fast travel to it.

Luckily, your horse will also come along with you when you fast travel but it should be noted that you cannot travel back.

You will need to use your horse or one of the other fast travel options available in RDR2. You also cannot fast travel to a city when it goes on Lockdown after you have committed a certain number of crimes there.

Train Travel

You can buy tickets for the train from any Post Office and they usually cost between $5-$15. However, like an actual train system, some towns are not connected via the same track path and cannot be accessed through trains.

Trains can only get you to points where there is a station (which has already been discovered and visited). Some stations are also in complete wilderness.

The trains provide the benefit that they can be used even with a bounty on your head.

Buying the ticket will start a cut scene of you getting on the train and going to the location. Your horse will spawn at the last station you get off on. If you jump onto a moving train, remember to whistle otherwise the horse won’t follow you.


Lastly, the price for stagecoach is pretty much the same as it is for a train ticket but it varies based on the distance you are traveling. The price of the ticket varies from $2 to $20.

Interact with the stagecoach marker after visiting it and you can immediately be transported to any city, town, or village that you have already visited.

In order to avail the services of a stagecoach, you need to first pay off the bounty and then the option will become available for you.

You can fast travel anywhere you want in Red Dead Redemption 2 but the problem is that the method is not usable if you have a bounty on your head.

Another, albeit conventional method of “fast travel” in RDR2 is the auto walk/run feature of your horse. While you are in free roam, you can mark a location on the map and set the game to cinematic mode. Your horse will start galloping towards the marker, following all the main roads.

This way you can get up, do your real-life stuff or just look at the scenery of the game while the horse takes you to your destination. Keep in mind this only works in free roam, not in towns or during missions.


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