Red Dead Redemption 2 Events Locations and Walkthrough Guide

Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Events Guide will detail Central Union Railroad, Castor's Ridge, and Appleseed Timber Co. time-gated events in RDR2.

Events are a time-gated part of Red Dead Redemption 2 that change over time. Events facilitate in the development of a specific location in the world and will have consequences on your gameplay.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Events

In most cases, you can help with the development of a location by doing some tasks for your contract. If you refuse to lend a hand or somehow make your location’s contact your enemy, you will greatly hinder with that location’s progress.

Rest assured though, all areas will enter the final stage of development when you start Epilogue 1, regardless of how many advancements you did previously. So rest assured, and play however you like. Without further ado, let us begin:

Appleseed Timber Co.

Appleseed Timber Co. is a company mainly dealing with timber. They’re located northeast of Strawberry, in the process of clearing a forest for certain purposes.

Your job here will initially be to sell food and medicine to them. Later on, you will have to rescue a certain victim from under the tree. The third time you visit them, you will need to settle a feud between the members of the timber co.

Finally, you will notice their camp being swiftly removed from the world. Without much ado, let us begin the several stages of Appleseed Timber Co.:


Stage 1
Appleseed Timber Co. has only just begun, and they consist of a crew of lumberjacks, chopping down trees with axes. Speak to the foreman of the semi-built cabin, and he will ask you to sell food and medicine to him.

You should agree with him if you wish to advance the development of this area for the next stage.

Stage 2
The second time you visit this area after giving them the medicine, you will notice that their cabin is now complete, and they have a full-fledged horse pen. When you enter an area, an area will be marked on the map requiring your attention.

If you enter the area, you will see that a log has fallen onto one of the lumberjacks’ leg. You must save him by lifting the tree from his leg somehow. If you manage to do so, you will get some honor.

Once the situation has settled down, talk to the victim again and he will award you some money as well as more honor.

Stage 3
When you visit Appleseed Timber Co. again, you will notice an air of tension around the area. The foreman is arguing with the lumberjacks, who are apparently scared by the pack of wolves in the area. They have already claimed two lives.

Head to the highlighted area and defeat the wolves. Return back to receive your award from the foreman.

Stage 4
The fourth time you visit this area, if it is before Chapter 6, you will see that the entire area is clear of trees. The company’s camp has been dismantled too.

Stage 5
If you visit the area afterward, you will see that every trace of the worker’s camp is gone, and that mother nature has grown her roots in the parts again.

Castor’s Ridge

This area is located just southwest of Valentine. The Castor’s Ridge features a cabin. The cabin is under construction by a loving father and his two sons.

It is a story of how a father and his sons build a house, overcome their fears, and well, move in another house. When you first enter the area, only the cabin’s foundations will have been built.

When you next visit the area, you will have to protect the family from a gang. Thirdly, you will have to invest a certain amount of money in the family.

The fourth time you visit, the house will be entirely finished and you will be given your fair share of profit from your investment. Finally, after the Epilogue, the cabin will have occupants and a vegetable garden.

Castor's Ridge

Stage 1
When you first enter the area, only the cabin’s foundations will have been built. You can visit the tents to the side, to add some items if you wish.

Start a conversation with the father to figure out that he is angry because his son dropped one of the wooden walls.

Stage 2
The family has run into some trouble and needs your help from a gang who is demanding “protection” money. Eliminate the enemies to receive Honor and ensure that the area will move onto the next stage.

Stage 3
The cabin is now almost complete but apparently, the family is low on funds. The father will ask you to loan him $100, that he will return with profit. If you agree – and you should – you will be able to move onto the final stage.

Stage 4
The cabin is now fully complete. The father has apparently sold it to one of the farmers moving up from the south. He will give you $150 back, a 50% profit. That is a good profitable transaction.

Stage 5
If you visit this area in the Epilogue 1, the cabin will be inhabited by the farmers, and they will have a vegetable garden.

Central Union Railroad Camp

The Central Union Railroad camp is home to a group of workers who are trying to build new tracks for a new railroad. This area will feature a group of workers, as well as a senior foreman who is busy working them to death.

The Central Union Railroad Camp is located between Emerald Station and Van Horn. When you first enter the area, you will have to help a senior foreman find out the corrupt in his ranks.

The next time you enter the area, the area will have moved North. You will have to scare off the bunch of miscreants who are hindering the camp’s progress.

The third you visit the area, the tracks will have almost connected to the tracks of Emerald Station. You can take any provisions from the camp southeast.

Stage 1
When you first visit the area, you will have to greet the senior foreman of the area, Percy Whitsickle. He will ask you to find out who is stealing the workers’ wages from the railroad camp.

You will have to follow a young foreman, who is the prime suspect and retrieve his hidden stash. If you manage to bring that person back too, you will trigger a special conversation.

Stage 2
The camp has now moved a little north of the original location. Speak to Percy to learn that a certain Leviticus Cornwall has bought a plot o land nearby, effectively rendering the work of the railroad people dead.

You will have to scare off the goons who are protecting their leader. Finally, eliminate the leader himself and bring the property deed from the leader to Percy.

Stage 3
The next time you visit, the camp will have moved a little to the northwest. The newly built tracks have been almost completely connected to the Emerald Station’s tracks.

Percy will invite you to take any leftover supplies you wish from the old camp. This is your chance.

Stage 4
If you visit the area during Epilogue 1, you will notice that the railroad section is now complete, and that the entire crew and the camp are gone.

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