Red Dead Redemption 2 Cross Platform Multiplayer May Be Coming

A recent rumor on NeoGAF has stated that Red Dead Redemption 2 cross platform multiplayer may be in the works for the game, allowing players on both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 (and maybe the PC if the game goes there) to all play online together regardless of console.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the long-awaited sequel to 2010’s smash hit Red Dead Redemption, and while it’s been delayed until early next year (rather than late this year), many people are still eagerly anticipating it, expecting more grand yet dark and serious adventures across the Old West as the 1900s start to put an end to the cowboy lifestyle.

The original Red Dead Redemption had multiplayer as well, allowing activities like a deathmatch mode, racing, and even free-roam with all of your friends. The rumor of Red Dead Redemption 2 cross platform multiplayer (if the rumor is true) will not only confirm the existence of multiplayer (and thus more Wild West shenanigans with friends) but also the ability for people on different platforms to play together.

While there hasn’t been any official confirmation from Take Two interactive or Rockstar Games about the possibility of cross platform multiplayer, we may get some sort of announcement about it later. Rockstar wasn’t at E3 and didn’t show us anything about Red Dead Redemption 2 for whatever reason, but hopefully before the end of the year rolls around we’ll see more information.

We also don’t really know anything about the story for Red Dead Redemption 2, beyond a Wild Bunch-style story of a group of cowboys trying to find their place as the Old West becomes more urbanized by the rest of the civilized world.

With luck, Rockstar will confirm Red Dead Redemption 2 cross platform multiplayer sometime soon, so when that happens you and your friends will all be able to play the game together.