Red Dead Redemption 2 Arcadia for Amateurs Stranger Mission Guide

In this guide, we will tell you how to go about the Stranger Mission or Sidequest Arcadia for Amateurs in Red Dead Redemption 2. This stranger mission starts near Gang’s first camp at almost the beginning of Red Dead Redemption 2. You will get RDR2 stranger mission Arcadia for Amateurs from Albert Mason and it will be done in the south-east of Strawberry region.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Arcadia for Amateurs Stranger Mission

The Arcadia for Amateurs stranger mission has several parts so you will need a few in-game days between each part.

Part I
Albert Mason is located triangulated between Blackwater, Riggs Station, and Strawberry on the Z who is taking pictures of nature and animals in the whole country.

He also wants to take a picture of us and while we are posing his bag gets stolen by a coyote, who now we have to catch, obviously!

But you don’t need to use any violence against the furry guy as he will drop it after you chase it for a while. After that, you will return the bag back to Albert to complete the first stage of this stranger mission.

Arcadia for Amateurs Part II
You will encounter Albert Mason again after some time to the north-west of Wallace Station and this time despite Arthur’s reservations he decides to stay with Albert as he tries to get the attention of a pack of wolves.

The wolves will sniff around the lure that Albert has placed but soon they will come after you and then again you will have to take these wolves out in order to save yourself and Albert.

Arcadia for Amateurs Part III
In your next encounter with Albert, you will see him photographing wild Horses north of Emerald Ranch. He didn’t ask for their consent probably and the horses are not really into the modeling thing so you will have to get them towards the camera so that Albert can get a clear shot.

Just stay behind the horses to round them up by steering them in the direction of Albert. You can speed them up by shouting (L2).

You can also shoot into the sky in order to speed them up, just don’t shoot the horses. Once done Albert will offer you one of the photographs of the wolves that you helped him take earlier as a token of appreciation.

Arcadia for Amateurs Part IV
This time you will find the guy in the Lagras Swamp north of Saint Denis trying to photograph Alligators there. To help him this time, you will have to go to the left waypoint and aim at the boat to get the photograph.

You will grab the attention of the alligator when you get to the northernmost waypoint but he will be scared off by the camera flash. After that, you will get him back to the shore and Albert will again thank you for your help.

Part V
Albert will be present just south of Valentine. He will be trying to photograph some eagles by standing on a ledge. There will be a cutscene which shows that he falls off the ledge and you save his life again which helps him make the decision that he shouldn’t risk his life anymore.

This is all there is to know about Arcadia for Amateurs stranger mission in RDR2.

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