Red Dead Online Release Date, Features, Wishlist, Beta, and More

Red Dead Redemption 2 is Rockstar’s latest AAA title and enjoys a very positive reception. So positive that the game itself actually broke records during its opening weekend.

Like the company’s last release, GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2 plans to add a multiplayer mode to it as a wild west parallel to GTA online, appropriately named Red Dead Online.

Here’s all we know about the multiplayer for the biggest wild west video game which includes its release date approximation, an insight at its game modes and other rumors on what to expect.

Red Dead Online – Everything You Need to Know


Access to the game’s online mode in its beta form will be free for players that purchased the base game, without the need of any expansions or DLC. Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus subscriptions will, however, be needed.

Release Date

So far, the confirmation for Red Dead Online is a beta that will be released supposedly in November. An exact date isn’t confirmed and not much is known surrounding that topic as of yet, neither is when the finished version will be out.

GTA V had its online mode release around roughly a month or two after the main game’s release. Assuming Rockstar stays consistent in timing, the same can be expected for Red Dead Online.

Basic Gameplay

Red Dead Online is supposedly taking heavy influences from both the original Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer, as well as GTA Online. The gameplay centers around an open shared world between players with a narrative, competitive and co-operative experience. This includes meeting characters from the main game itself. Similar to how you could meet Lamar in GTA Online.

The missions in the open world will be given by characters from the story and can be done in a group. Along with it are supposedly a deathmatch mode, a racing mode and the mission mode. Another leak revealed the option to purchase properties much like GTA Online allowed. Although the game also mentioned camps that can be upgraded and improved in a system similar to Dutch’s lodgings in the main game.


It can’t be a Rockstar game without a good roster of vehicles am I right? But what vehicles could possibly be spanning in the setting of RDR where the main mode of transport is horseback? Besides the possibility of horse breed and class separation, a leak from the companion app revealed a list of what we could expect. The options included Horses, War Wagons, Utility Wagons, Chuck Wagons, Supply Wagons, Horse Cart, and Small Coaches.

Game Modes

Like GTA Online, Red Dead Redemption 2 will be carrying a variety of game modes. The pique of interest being a battle royale mode. Rockstar has expressed their interest in hopping aboard the Royale trend that PUBG and Fortnite have set. Alongside Black Ops 4, Paladins and multiple other games have followed. As mentioned above, a leak hinted to a deathmatch mode similar to GTA’s one being made available. As well as a horse racing mode in parallel to the modern counterpart’s street racing.

Open World

Last but not least, Red Dead Online will have a shared open world that functions as rooms that several players can join. If it’s similar to GTA, we can expect to make our own custom rooms as well, for just you and your friends to shoot up your own little slice of the wild west. The world will feature a mixture of narrative, competitive and cooperative experiences. With returning features such as player bounties.


Having played GTA Online, there’s a standard for the experience we now have and expect from the multiplayer of a Rockstar title. Besides of course the ability to roam an open world freely with your friends. The return of GTA’s heists would definitely be fun, especially if given a wild west twist to it. As well as maybe the ability to form gangs, to parallel the clan system that so many multiplayer games have. The gangs can have their own honor system and reputation, which culminates from the reputation of each member in it, as well as the size of the gang itself.

The honor system from the main game could also be carried into the Online setting, with your honor affecting the way you’re displayed and presented to other players. Hopefully, we can have custom characters as well, unlike the multiplayer of RDR 1. Where we could only use skins of the characters from the main stories. Having your own exclusive character the way GTA Online did, would add a more personalized touch. Especially considering how much players can customize Arthur Morgan in the main story.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same way the one from GTA was, regarding customization through picking the character’s parents, although it would be interesting for one’s Online avatar to be perhaps, Arthur’s kid no? Rockstar could also stand to improve the stat system from GTA Online since although progression in your physical stats was shown, it wasn’t exactly felt. Just a formality of an increasing bar if you’d ask me.

A variety of gameplay styles could be fun too, such as taking a guns blazing approach or a sneakier one. And for players that stick to a specific style, it can be fun to see them be forced to improvise when a mission drags them out of that element. Which should also make for fun diversification in the skill sets among friends in groups playing the game.


Rockstar continues to try its very best to keep every bit of info about the upcoming online mode under wraps. Several questions float in the community’s minds, such as if the game will be GTA Online or Battle Royale centric? Only time will tell, as we approach the Beta this month.

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