Red Dead Online Racing Guide – How to Win, Finding the Best Race Horse

Racing is incredibly fun, especially in Red Dead Online as people are allowed to fight when riding their horses. Our Red Dead Online Racing Guide will give you all the information you need to know about racing including the best horse that you can get and how you can win most of your races.

Red Dead Online Racing

This new mode has just unlocked in Red Dead Online and it allows you to race through a number of signal fires in the main areas of the town.

You can cross the Signal Fires in whichever order you want and you have unlimited lives when in the race.

Currently, you can race around 5 locations. They are Blackwater, Rhodes, Tumbleweed, Valentine, and Saint Denis. You have forced weapons and unlimited lives in each of these races. The first person to cross all the Signal Fires wins.

How to Win Races

There is an easy way through which you can win quite a lot of races in the game. At the start of the race, stay still for a few seconds and let everyone move up ahead.

Once the fighting phase begins and weapons are unlocked, people will start to crash into one another and take one another out.

When this happens, you will slowly start to move up the places. Here, either you can choose to still stay back and let the herd thin itself or you can start shooting at people from the back.

Make sure to pick up all of the stamina boosts that you can find or this method will not work.

Eventually, you will be in a position to win the race. From here on out, it is all about your skill and whether or not you are able to get all of the stamina boosts in front of you.

Best Racing Horse

There is a free racehorse that you can get if you have the Ultimate Edition. In order to get this thoroughbred horse.

Get to the manage “Horse” tab and sell the horse that you have so that you have space in your stable. Then, head on over to the “Buy Horse” tab and there will be a horse there free.

This horse has 7 Speed, 5 Acceleration, and Race level handling. This horse will be great for starting the game and will be able to beat most of the other horses in the game. Claim this horse and then use them in the race.

You can also get the Red Chestnut Superior free. It has good stats but not as good as the first one. Therefore, it is up to you which horse you choose.

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