Players Using Red Dead Online Mods Are Being Banned

If the incredibly rocky launch from last week wasn’t enough, players trying to enjoy Red Dead Online on PC now have other things to worry about.

Rockstar Games has always held a stern list of rules when it comes to using mods. Having learned from Grand Theft Auto Online, the developer made it pretty clear from the first day that players interested in modding Red Dead Online must adhere to a code of conduct. Basically, don’t use any mods when going online.

That may sound stingy but it’s the only way to keep the playing field clean. You can obviously use any mods offline in the single-player campaign. However, when going online, there’s a large risk of mods hampering the gameplay for other online players. Hence, why Rockstar Games has sent out the posse to bring in such players who have been violating the code by taking their mods online on PC.

Spotted by RDR2 earlier today, the first wave of bans have already been handed out. Those who modded Red Dead Online on PC since the launch have been temporarily banned for a month. In addition, any characters, progress, and inventory will be reset immediately.

All Red Dead Online suspensions, banning, and character reset decisions are final and may not be appealed.

The punishments, though, are for online Red Dead Online and will not affect the single-player status. Also, should the players try to take their mods online again after recovering their accounts, Rockstar Games will be forced to deliver stricter punishments that may include permanent bans. There’s no way to know for the time being just how many players were banned in the first wave and if there are more waves inbound.

The actions of Rockstar Games aren’t surprising. In a recent interview, the developer stated that the integrity of Red Dead Online must always be maintained even if at the cost of enormous creativity and passion. Many took the statement as a warning against trying to mod Red Dead Online on PC and today proved that to be just the case.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The developer has assured the community that it’s fully committed to fixing the wild west sequel on PC in the coming weeks.

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