Red Dead Online Horses Guide – How to Buy/Sell, Insure Your Horse

Horses are your best companions in Red Dead Online. Of course, you will need to take care of your companion, righto? Fear not, this Red Dead Online Horses Guide is here to help you properly cater to your friend. After all, a beautiful horse means a beautiful wife, right?

Red Dead Online Horses

Horses work pretty much the same way in Red Dead Online as in Red Dead Redemption 2 single-player mode. There is not much difference. You find a horse; you love it more than your in-game character and your Facebook friends. You take selfies with your horse. You try to play tag with him.

There are quite a few types of horses in the game, and in Red Dead Online, the best place to buy horses is the “Stables”.

You should buy only one horse at a time and stick with him for as long as possible because he/she will be your best friend forever. I still cannot get over the late Arsilean-chan.

She was such a kind soul! I was just trying to leap with her off a cliff. Oh God, she was so young! Such a young and kindred soul.

How to Buy

You can buy a horse from one of the many stables in the RDR2 Online world. You can find stables near the bigger cities and sometimes beside the roads.

You can find out more information on that in our RDR2 Horses Guide. Horses are not cheap. Lives are not cheap, after all!

You will need to fill your pockets a bit before proceeding. Buy not the cheapest horse, but the horse you think looks cool. You are going to be with him for the rest of your life.

How to Sell

I am not even going to judge you for this, but if you seriously want to sell your most beloved companion in the game, this portion of the guide is certainly for you.

Head over to any of the many stables in the game, interact with the Stables guy, choose the option “Manage Owned Horses” and navigate towards the horse-chan you want to sell.

The game will tell you the price on your chosen horse and will ask one final time if you really do wish to sell it.

Do note that if you sell your horse, you will NEVER be able to get it back. That horse will be gone. Forever! And whatever happens to it will be on you. Prepare to live with that thought in your mind.

Insure Horses

Like all vehicles can be insured in this modern era, you can insure horses in the game too. Insuring the horse will allow you to heal your companion free, should any disaster fall upon your horse.

You can insure your horse by heading over to any stable, choosing the “Services” option that proceeds the “Stables” menu. Here, you will be able to buy insurance for your horse.

If your horse is insured, he will never die permanently. Even if he does die, it will only be temporary. He will be kicking before long in one of the stables. The Vet may ask for some compensation in exchange for reviving your horse.

Of course, if another player kills your horse, the amount will be deducted from his or her bank.

Taking Care of Horses

You can take care of your horse’s physical condition by heading over to the stables and buying the latest item in the market: Brush. You can buy the Brush from the Stables for a meager $3.50.

The brush should be available in the “Horse Provisions” menu. Once you have purchased the brush, you can access it from your “Items Wheel”. Choose Brush and brush your horse-chan. Scrub those germs away.

Be sure to get food for your horse-chan every now and then while you are in the stables. The horse’s stats will drop if he remains hungry for too long. That is bad, isn’t it?

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