Red Dead Online Honor Guide – Positive/Negative Honor, How to Reset

Honor works pretty much the same way in Red Dead Online as in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, if you are still having problems grasping the concept of Honor in RDR2 Online, we have crafted this guide.

Red Dead Online Honor

Honor is basically the good/bad meter in the franchise.

You can find out more information on what Honor is in our antique Red Dead Redemption 2 Honor Guide.

If you are too lazy, just like me, to visit that page, I am going to sum it up here:

Honor affects how NPCs interact with you and what types of quests you will be able to accept. If you are on the good side of the counter, you will receive discounts from the shop; sometimes get easier and much more Heroic Quests.

Moreover, you will be able to hunt other players marked as outlaws AKA player son the bad side of the counter.

If you are on the bad-ish side of the counter, prices may be higher for you in shops. NPCs will get scared of you and will offer you Dirty Quests. You will also be marked often by Mercenaries and real players that will hunt you down to your last breath.

Honor – How to Check

You can check your “Honor” by accessing the pause menu, select the option “Player” and then navigating the cursor to your created character. A new menu will pop up. You need to click on “General” here.

The third option in the “Statistics” sub-menu will reveal your Honor. You can also check how much discount you are getting on items in the lower left corner of the screen.

Be a Jedi!
If you are a good citizen and help NPCs in the game, you will become a positive-rated gunner. NPCs will like you more and will offer you suggestive remarks about your looks and jobs.

Other than that, you will receive discounts from certain shops on items. You will get different quests from the questline A Land of Opportunities.

Some of the quests may include protecting a certain caravan from bandits’ attacks, rescuing NPCs from bandits, and so on.

Be a Sith!
Of course, being a bad guy also has its own benefits. You can wreak havoc and uh, shoot up people without worrying much. After all, you are going to get haunted by mercenaries anyways. Why not destroy everything up and become a legend?

Being a bad guy will mean that you are now getting much more antagonistic quests in the questline “A Land of Opportunities”.

Some of these quests will include you rescuing a bad guy from jail, looting caravans as one of the bandits, and so on. NPCs will not like you and stuff.

How to Reset Honor

Do note that there is no such thing as a bad choice in the game. You can be a Jedi or a Sith. It should not be restricted to moral choices. Become what you want. It is a game after all!

Of course, if you are tired of being the bad guy over and over again, and want to roll over and try to become a good citizen, you can do so.

By spending premium currency “Gold Bars”, you can reset your rank. Just head over to Old Man Jones in Armadillo. He will ask for a 3 Gold Bars price to reset your rank.

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