Red Dead Online Game Modes Guide – How to Play, Tips

This Red Dead Online Game Modes Guide will cover all the modes introduced in RDR2 Online. The game’s online component features plenty of Multiplayer Modes to keep you busy for a long time and in our guide, we have detailed them all.

Red Dead Online Game Modes

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online features five game modes to play – with each bringing something new to the table. Aside from roaming freely in the world, you can also join a handful of activities such as the Showdown Series.

Apart from that, you can also free roam around the massive world, participate in races, and just wreak havoc.

To get started, go to one of the Showdown Series signposts to enter “Quick Matchmaking” and selecting your desired game mode. However, before you start, do note that these game modes are fairly fast-paced and impose weapon restrictions.

Showdown Series

Showdown Series includes five modes Shootout, Team Shootout, Most Wanted, Hostile Territory, Make it Count, and Name Your Weapon.

Red Dead Online

Shootout/Team Shootout
In this classic game mode, the team with more kills will win when the time runs out. There are unlimited respawns. In case the score is even, the sudden Deathmatch will commence and the team getting the first kill will win the match.

Most Wanted
This is a Free for All mode with a Wanted System. Race to the top to win; the more kills you have, the higher the bounty on your head. The players with the highest score at the end will take it all.

Hostile Territory
A Domination-esque mode, requiring you to rack up points by controlling territories. The team with most points wins in the end and if you manage to control all the territories, you will outright win.

Make it Count
It is a Battle Royale-esque mode with weapon restrictions. You can only use a bow and a handful of arrows, throwing knives, etc. The last man standing will win the game.

Apart from it, the outer circle (playable space) continues to shrink in order to prevent camping and to keep it engaging.

Name Your Weapon
The mode rewards players who use “Difficult Weapon” to kill players. The higher the difficulty of weapon, the more points you will score. The player with most points at the end wins.