Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits Adds New Specialist Roles

Hold on to your reins because the old west landscape of Red Dead Online is about to expand further with Frontier Pursuits.

Hold on to your reins because the old west landscape of Red Dead Online is about to expand further with Frontier Pursuits. In a bid to build more online experiences, Rockstar Games is bringing three new Specialist Roles that will give players additional (and unique) ways to interact with the world.

You can choose to be bounty hunters, traders, or collectors once the Frontier Pursuits update hits. They each have their own paths and activities. Fulfilling these roles in the best way will earn you experience that in turn will help you rank up in the profession. With progress, you’ll get to learn new skills and gain new items to use in Red Dead Online.

Becoming a licensed bounty hunter in Red Dead Online will have you dealing with all sorts of criminals, from the lone low-level ones to notorious outlaws. For the more difficult bounties, you may need the help of a Posse to take on armed and protected gangs. Remember that bringing in targets alive will yield greater rewards.

If you’re interested in turning your camp into a burgeoning business, you’ll need to become a trader in Red Dead Online. This will have you hunting animals for materials and acquiring additional goods through various activities. Once fully operational, other traders may try to raid your camp out of jealousy. You’ll need to keep an eye out for them as well.

Becoming a collector is all about exploring Red Dead Online for valuable treasures. These include family heirlooms, rare Tarot cards, and such. You can choose to either sell them separately or wait until an entire set is complete for even greater rewards.

Beyond these three Specialist Roles, Frontier Pursuits also adds a variety of improvements and features. The update includes more responsive controls for movement and combat, new challenges, new dynamic events, additional Stable and custom outfit slots, the ability to name saved Outfits in your wardrobe, and more. At the very least, Frontier Pursuits should get you back in the saddle for Red Dead Online, assuming that you decided to take a break.

Frontier Pursuits drops September 10, 2019, for Red Dead Online. As a reminder, the Frontier Pursuits initiative was actually announced a month back. This means that Rockstar Games is likely to add more roles for players to inhabit down the road.

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