Red Dead Online Event Week Offers Discounts On Everything, Triple Rewards For Showdowns

It's a Red Dead Online event week this week, and the game is offering discounts on a huge amount of stuff and triple rewards for Showdown modes.

A Red Dead Online event week has come, bringing a lot of incentives for players to get into the game and participate. Along with getting triple rewards for completing Showdown modes, players are also being given extensive discounts on a variety of different items, and a lot of other stuff too.

To start off with, the discounts. Players can expect to save a lot of money this week, so they should probably stock up. Ammunition is 60 percent off, melee and thrown weapons are both 50 percent off, pamphlets and guns are 40 percent off, and gun oil is completely free.

Along with all of that, trader resupplies and Moonshine Mash refills are also free. If you’ve been wanting to become a trader yourself but have been chafing under the cost of the Butcher’s Table that’s the starting item, you can also get that for five fewer gold bars.

With all of the discounts driving down ammo costs during this Red Dead Online week, you can also take part in the Red Dead Online Showdown modes, which will be giving you triple rewards for completing them, and you’ll also get bonus rewards for doing Gun Rush, this week’s featured series.

Showdown activities include both Shootout and Team Shootout, Hostile Territory, Make It Count, Most Wanted, Head for the Hills, and Name Your Weapon, and all of these modes should provide you with a good amount of fun alongside all of the different rewards that you’ll be getting.

However, the triple Showdown rewards aren’t the only good thing about the Red Dead Online event week. If you link your Twitch Prime account to your Red Dead Online account you can get a lot of other rewards such as five more gold bars off the Butcher’s Table, 6,000 Trader XP, 40 percent off a horse, stable slot, and shotgun, and 50 incendiary buckshot slugs.

If any of this interests you, you have all week to get onto Red Dead Online and take advantage of it.

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