Red Dead Online Continues To Evolve: New Specialist Roles Arriving With Summer Updates

Celebrating the record of players connected to GTA Online after the opening of the Casino and Diamond Resort, the devs of Rockstar Games promises to further expand the already huge Red Dead Online western universe with the addition of new Specialist Roles and activities through the summer updates of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rockstar Games are preparing to evolve the game world with the introduction of specialist roles in which users will be able to assume the appearance of characters able to forge a deep and, hopefully, lasting bond with the Frontier and its inhabitants.

Each role will provide a unique roleplaying and entertaining experience, with specific advantages and rules to which to submit in order to infuse realism into the multiplayer gameplay dynamics and allow the Rockstar Games authors to build a game dimension “where enthusiasts must live in a restless peace, choosing to unite or fight alone, struggling to survive in a world full of threats and opportunities”.

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With the future updates of Red Dead Online that will be downloadable for free by Red Dead Redemption 2 users on PS4 and Xbox One, therefore, developers plan to introduce new activities. You will be able to track down wanted criminals by acting as a bounty hunter, or you can become a trader to get rich with the proceeds of your legitimate activity or take the way of the treasure hunter (or better known as the collector) to try your luck with tracking down unique items of value.

Again thanks to these updates, and subsequent updates planned after the end of the summer, Rockstar intends to improve the combat system, make controls and movements more responsive, make changes to the damage caused to players who prefer to live in peace in the Frontier and add lots of other items to the game world. Starting with the next update, in addition to the three first specialist roles, a system will also be introduced to reset character appearances.

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