Red Dead Online Characters Transfer Will Work For PC?

Fans are currently worried about whether or not they'll be able to transfer their Red Dead Online characters to PC when the game releases. Will they?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is releasing on PC in November, bringing more fans into its intense Wild West world. However, there’s one thing to consider before making the move. Will you be able to transfer your existing Red Dead Online characters to your PC version when the time comes? We go over what we know so far.

Single-player games are not a huge hustle for fans, who want to own a title on both PC and console. This isn’t the case for multiplayer ones too. Since porting to another platform is a hefty job, it’s not always sure that you’ll be able to cross-transfer your account from one to another. This is a question that needs answering for Red Dead Online too.

After questioning Rockstar Games about the matter, fans got a not-so-enlighting response. A message coming from the support claims that the console and PC versions of Red Dead Online are two different editions. That alone is proof that you won’t be able to transfer characters from your Playstation 4 to PC, for instance.

Another fan on Reddit got the following response:

“Even if it doesn’t look like that at first glance, they are technically two different games. A transfer from PS4 to PC is therefore not possible.”

This pretty much confirms that Red Dead Online character transfer is not possible. Whether or not this is a set back for players or not it remains to be seen. If by any chance, the game doesn’t sell well on PC, we’ll know this might have something to do with it.

Looking beyond that though, we know that Rockstar doesn’t leave such things to chance. Grand Theft Auto 5, as well as the online functionality for the original Red Dead Redemption, let players cross-play between consoles and pc. Why would they not include that as a feature for their upcoming title too?

Whatever the release state of the game is though, do not take the news for granted. It’s frequent for studios to include features to games due to popular demand. Furthermore, support staff sometimes doesn’t know in detail what the developers are working on so there could be more into the matter.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will release on November 5th on PC through the Rockstar Games Launcher and will include visual enhancements, new story content and, as expected, pre-order bonuses such as more publisher games like Bully and L.A Noire on the launcher.

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