Red Dead Online Character Customization Guide – Customization Options, Character Reset

Unlike its predecessor, Red Dead Redemption 2 comes with an online experience that shares similar feats to the singleplayer campaign. While the singleplayer features Arthur Morgan, an outlaw and a member of the Van der Linde gang, you can create your own cowboy in Red Dead Online. Our Red Dead Online Character Customization Guide will tell you how.

Red Dead Online Character Customization

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to creating and customizing your avatar in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. You are also allowed to reset your appearance should you desire – our RDR2 Online Guide covers it all!


The first thing you will need to do is to enter the online mode. Once you have logged into the game, press R1, to switch from story mode to the Online Mode.

You will be asked to select your gender, following the cutscene, once you have chosen either male or female, you have to name your character.

Now we move on to the “Appearance” tab, here you have 15 different options to choose from for the base appearance, three different skin tone and the age for your character.

Furthermore, there are advanced option to alter your body build, as well as your facial features. It is apparent that the character customization is not as in-depth as Grand Theft Auto Online since there are limited preset options available.

Nevertheless, the range of variety is still sufficient to create a unique personality.

Unfortunately, unlike Los Santos, there are no plastic surgeons available in the Wild West. So, keep in mind, once you have created a character, you will be stuck with him for the rest of your online adventure.

Character Customizations

Although you are not allowed to change, the physical features of your character yet do not mean you cannot change their appearance.

Whether you are stuck with a lousy makeup or broken teeth, or maybe you just wish to trim your beard, the barbershop can help you with that.

Barbershops are available throughout the world; small scissors on the map represent them. Haircut, Dentistry, and make-up all of these services are available at the Barber’s shop.

Prices are very reasonable, but if you cannot afford a haircut, then go out there and kill some cowboys, to get yourself a nice fat bounty to pay for your new look.

Character Reset

If the haircut and a beard trim, does not satisfy your new look and your character truly looks horrible, and then you might want to consider deleting him.

As previously mentioned, as of yet, there is no way of editing your character, maybe in the near future we might be blessed with this feature just like in Grand Theft Auto Online, but the only course of action that you can perform right now is the delete your character and make a new one.

Of course, if you have progressed very far and are on a substantial level, this action wouldn’t be advised, as doing so will erase all of your progress but you do keep all of your digital bonuses, that you received from pre-order or an Ultimate Edition of the game.

You can do this by heading into the menu and then going over to, where it says the player and then holding “Square” if you are on PS4 or “X” if you are on Xbox One. You can notice on the bottom right hand corner that you are filling up a bar for deleting your character, once that bar is filled, you will be asked, if you are sure because you can’t undo it. Once you have accepted, you can go ahead, create a new character, and start your experience all over again.

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