Red Dead Online Camp Upgrades and Customization Guide – Camp Locations, How to Move

One of the main features of Red Dead Online is that you can have a camp where you and your posse can hang out. This camp can be used as a base of operations and our Red Dead Online Camp Upgrades and Customization Guide will tell you all that you need to know about it.

Red Dead Online Camp Upgrades and Customization

There are two different types of camps that are available to you in RDR2 Online. The Small Camp can be used to hold between one and four players. The cost of maintaining it is $1 per day.

A Large Camp can be used to hold between one and seven players. The maintenance cost of the camp is $2 per day and you can only use this camp if you have a persistent posse.

There are a total of 13 different locations where you can set up your camp. Your camp is also customizable and you can select various different themes for your camp among other upgrades.

How to Move Camp

Moving your camp is not a complicated process. Once you have set up your camp and have decided that you will need to move it to another place, all you need to do is to scout out a new location for your camp.

Then, hit left on your d-pad and go to the “Camp” option and select a new camp.

Now, choose the location and the size of your camp. Once you do that, your camp will have moved to the new location. Do remember that the cost of moving your camp is $2.

Let us look at all of the places where you are allowed to set up your camp in the game.

Camp Locations

  1. Scarlett Meadows
  2. Bayou Nwa
  3. Big Valley
  4. Cholla Springs
  5. Cumberland Forest
  6. Gaptooh Ridge
  7. Great Plains
  8. Grizzlies
  9. Heartlands
  10. Hennigan’s Stead
  11. Rio Bravo
  12. Roanoke Ridge
  13. Tall Trees

Camp Upgrades

In order to upgrade or customize your camp, you need to go on over to the guy in the corner. There are different themes for your camp that had better suit the needs of your posse.

For example, you can set your camp to Survivor or Military Surplus depending on how you expect your posse to behave.

You are also allowed to change your tent. More customization options unlock as you level up. These customizations also offer you extra rewards such as being able to recharge your core faster.

You can also change your flag to be of whatever color you want it to be. However, changing your flag is very expensive – $50 or 2 Gold. If you have some extra money lying around and want to personalize your camp, then you can do it.

As for the equipment, you can *unlock the Fast Travel post*. Once you are at *Level 65*, you will be able to unlock this post and then fast travel from here to wherever you want on the map.

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