How to Start Blood Money in Red Dead Online

Rockstar has released the Blood Money update for Red Dead Online, which brings some new content to the game. The update introduces Crimes and Opportunities, which players can pursue to earn a new special currency called ‘Capitale’. In this guide, we will list down everything there is to know about Blood Money and start playing its missions in Red Dead Online.

How to Start Blood Money in Red Dead Online

In order to start the Blood Money content, first, you will have to read the letter from ‘M’ that will be in your satchel.

After that, head to Saint-Denis and go and meet Guido Martelli, who will be marked on the map with a gold dollar icon. Speaking with Guido Martelli will unlock the Blood Money content, starting off with a Crime mission. The Crime missions can be played alone as well as with friends.

RDO Blood Money: Crimes and Opportunities

Blood Money missions entail performing small crimes in the open world, such as ambushing convoys and stagecoaches, robbing camps, and other misdemeanors.

Completing Crime missions will reward you with the special currency ‘Capitale’, which can be looted from the dead bodies and chests you find during the missions.

Crime Missions can be started by talking to one of the multiple Blood Money mission givers marked on your map. Interact with them and choose Blood Money missions in order to start a Crime mission. You will be given some options to choose the Crime you want to perform.

The other type of Blood Money mission is Opportunities. Opportunities are unlocked when you collect a certain amount of ‘Capitale’ for Guido Martelli. Opportunities can be started in the same way as Crimes, by talking to the Blood Money mission givers marked on your map.

The Opportunities missions revolve around a Lemoyne senator who wants to screw over Martelli’s boss.

There are a total of 3 Opportunities missions, but only one is available to play at the moment. Playing Opportunities costs 15 Capitale, with the fee increasing if you wish to play on a tougher difficulty.

The Opportunity missions have several different approaches and outcomes, so they can be replayed several times. This is all you need to know about Red Dead Online Blood Money Missions.

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