Red Dead Online Beta Progress Will Not Be Reset

Rockstar released a recent update on plans for the multiplayer attachment to RDR 2. This includes the Red Dead Online Beta progress which was feared to be reset before the release of the finished multiplayer.

“For players concerned about the potential for progress and stat resets. We currently do not have any plans to reset them as part of the Beta’s rollout”

This does mean that they may reset the progress later on before the full release. As of right now though, cowboys and girls can rest easy with their progress being saved. For now being the keyword.

Rockstar has emphasized that their current focus isn’t on the Red Dead Online progress. But rather it’s on balancing the economy of the game. The current state of it can be a tad bit expensive, the popular verdict says at least.

The initial economy of the RDR Online expenses is unbalanced so to speak. And that the tweaks and adjustments are taking place so the game doesn’t feel like a mobile one in terms of transactions. Such as with the cost of camp decorations.

Other than economy balancing, Rockstar is also working on issue fixes to server kicks and other sorts of bugs and disconnectivity problems. I hope they don’t fix all the bugs.

Rockstar also added a message of gratitude to all the users that played RDR Online and gave feedback on the game. Which was the purpose of the Beta itself. A Red Dead Online release date still isn’t confirmed. Rockstar intending to take its time with the Red Dead Online beta to ensure that it’s a complete game before the full release.

In its current state, it’s difficult to say whether or not it’s complete. Seeing as how the Red Dead Online money economy isn’t properly balanced as of yet, and disconnectivity issues continue to persist.

As Dutch would say, just “Have some goddamn faith” in Rockstar to balance the Red Dead Online economy and fix its server issues as a whole. Until then, we still have RDR 2 to enjoy. Pretty sure loads of people still haven’t finished the main story.

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