Red Dead Online News: Story Missions, Honor System, Showdown Series And Everything You Should Know

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online has finally arrived starting with the Ultimate Edition owners. The world inside Red Dead Redemption 2 Online is as big as the original story so you are not going miss anything except being able to pause the game.

It’s the beginning so Rockstar promises that they will be adding loads of more and new content to the Red Dead Online in the future. You can currently ride with your friends in a Posse, set up camps like in Campaign, complete story-based missions or go one-on-one with competitive series.

You can find strangers across the world to help or kill them instead. You can do spontaneous free roam challenges, do fishing, hunting, have a strong relationship with your horse or explore the world with your friends.

Whatever you do from the above will give you XP which counts towards your rank and will give you more bonuses. You will be able to improve your attributes and unlock items all the way. There are also some award challenges. These challenges will allow you to earn awards in categories like hunting, sharpshooter, combat, and survivalist.

First, you will start Red Dead Redemption 2 Online by creating your own characters. Like GTA, Red Dead Redemption 2 offers unique ways to do character customization. You can also detail your attributes of the character. After that, you’ll get a horse and set up a camp. Then you’ll go down to hunt a treasure. There you will also get your first ability card which we will talk about later. Main story missions will be marked as yellow circles on the game map. The main story involves chasing “truth, revenge, and honor”.

Honor and Outlaws

Honor level also plays a great role in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. Honor Level will shift high or low depending on your actions and decisions. This all works like the campaign mode. Missions will be different depending on your Honor System.

Everything You Can Do in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

Story Missions Red Dead Online

Story missions in Red Dead Online are the main missions which you’ll need to complete to gain maximum XP. These are going to be big missions and marked as yellow on the map.

Free Roam Missions

There are a lot of Free roam missions available in Red Dead Online. You can spot them from the map with a stick-like figure. These also include stranger tasks which will give you a reward for completing them. These rewards are small and most of these missions are timed.

Free Roam Events

These type of events will pop up randomly in Red Dead Online. You can roam around the map to get notified about one. These free roam events are head to head player challenges.

Horse Races Series

These are the ones with checkered flag icon on the map. As the name suggests, you’ll have to race with horses to win a prize. There are three kinds of races in total which are Lap Races, Point-to-Point, and Open Races.

Showdown Series and Large

These are the team based competitive matches in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. These will appear with two or three people as icons on the map. Showdown Series are small teams. And the one with Showdown Series Large series means that there’s a big team inside.

Showdown Series Modes Red Dead Online

Showdown Series events include a total of 5 new modes at launch in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. As mentioned above, these are team-based events and are very fun to play. Below we will be detailing them all.

Team Shootout

This a classic gunfight mode in the game with unlimited fights. It’s exactly like the Team Deathmatch from COD. Every team will have to fight and the one with most kills before the timer runs out wins.

Make it Count

This is the last man standing mode with a death circle like that of in Fortnite. But this is very much smaller. You can only use a bow and a handful of arrows or throwing knives to kill others.

Most Wanted

This is a very interesting mode similar to the Shoutout mode. But what makes it interesting is that the players will get more points for killing you if you are up high in the scoreboard.

Name Your Weapon

Another mode like Shoutout but in this mode, the points depend on the way you get kills. If you use a throwing weapon, you’ll get more points instead of using a shotgun so it’s up to you if you want to win or just kill.


Exactly like the first but you’ll be all alone in this one. Simply kill as many as you can to win this free for all mode.

How to use Posses in Red Dead Online

Posses are a way to create teams in Red Dead Online. Each Posses in Red Dead Online comes with a leader. You can create a Posse by pressing left on the D-pad and select create Form Posse option. Afterward, you will be able to add other players to your Posse.

There are two types of Posses in Red Dead Online. Temporary Posses or Persistent Posses.

Temporary Posses in Red Dead Online can be created without spending any money. These Posses in Red Dead Online have a limit of max four players and will vanish once the leader quits. It’s the quickest way to bring all of your players together.

Now if you are a serious leader or want to create a big gang then you must go for the Persistent Posses in Red Dead Online. Persistent Posses cost money to create and have a maximum limit of 7 players. These Persistent Posses will also remain even if the leader quits.

Ability Cards in Red Dead Online

Ability Cards in Red Dead Online will give you abilities and effects. These effects with abilities cards in Red Dead Online will make your survival much easier than before.

These Ability cards in Red Dead Online can be purchased from the menu. Your first ability in Red Dead Online is called Dead Eye and it’s given to you for free in the introduction. After that, each one is going to cost you 50$ each. You can equip and unequip anyone you want from the main menu.

Though this Dead Eye ability is not the same as the one in the campaign mode which slowed down time. In the multiplayer, Dead Eye works in different ways as follows.

Paint It Black Ability Card: This card will allow you to tag targets when Dead Eye is active

Focus Fire I Ability Card: brings in more damage for you and your team members to deal when Dead Eye is active.

A Moment to Recuperate Ability Card: It will regenerate your health slowly when the Dead Eye is active.

These ability cards can be also leveled up by gaining XP. Each of these cards has three levels to achieve and will make the ability more effective. More Ability cards will be unlocked as you level up.


There are awards for doing anything in the game. If you kill someone, you’ll get an award. An award for eating plants and what not. These are cosmetic only so you can show off how much success you are in the game.

Can Your Horse Die?

Nope, he won’t die. Luckily in the introduction mission, you will have to buy horse insurance which allows your horse to heal over time. Every horse with insurance will take time to heal if he is injured very bad. If you don’t have insurance, you’ll have to pay for him to heal at a stable.

That’s all we have found in the Red Dead Online as of now so stay tuned for more. Rockstar will be revealing more gameplay details in the upcoming days.

Rockstar also says that some areas which are not accessible in the menu are because the game is in early beta. Everything will be available when the final version launches.

There is also going to be a Red Dead Online in-game Store. RDR Online will have microtransactions like other games but luckily they are cosmetic only for now.

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