Red Barrels Studios Launches Kickstarter for Outlast 2 Diapers

The guys at Red Barrels Studios must be extremely confident that Outlast 2 will make people literally shit their pants, because they just launched an intriguing Kickstarter: Outlast 2 diapers. Entitled “Underscares”, the diapers will be used for you to be able to protect the rest of your clothes and your chairs and couches from unwanted bowel movements.

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The original Outlast, which came out in 2013, was heralded as one of the scariest survival horror games ever, not just because of the story and atmosphere but also because you couldn’t fight back. Outlast 2 recently released a demo for players to go through, which took them through a small part of the game (and ended with them getting their genitals chopped off).

The demo also included a small number of short but horrifying jump scares that definitely might have caused someone to shit their pants in fear, which is the entire reason for the Outlast 2 diapers Kickstarter.

It’s actually quite a detailed Kickstarter page too, going through not only the process of making the diapers but also what all they’re made of, including liquid lock thigh portals (so if you piss yourself it won’t run down your leg), washability, and more.

The various tiers in the Kickstarter give you three separate kinds of Underscares. Pledging 10 dollars or more will get you your own pair of Do It Yourself Underscares, so you’ll be able to make a pair of your own from the comfort of your own home (and it’ll also save you the awkwardness of a neighbor asking why you got adult-sized diapers in the mail). 55 dollars not only gets you a basic pair of Underscares, but also nets you a Steam key for Outlast 2, while 75 dollars gets you a Steam key and a pair of Deluxe Underscares.

If you want to donate for the Outlast 2 diapers Kickstarter you can follow this link to head to their page and donate, but in the meantime we’ll just have to wait and see for when Outlast 2 actually gets a release date.