Red Alert 3 Soviet Faction Strategy Guide

Soviets are a great faction to start with, being pretty much straight forward relying on their strength to defeat their enemies but they lack the versatility possessed by Allies and the Empire of the rising sun in unit abilities and support powers.

Strength’s of the Soviets
Great Offensive Power.
Simple approach to base construction and technology advancements.
Have units possessing unbelievable rushing abilities e.g Terror Drones
Twinblades and Hammer tanks can stop enemy expansion plans.
Artillery units have powerful attacks and can even bypass walls and other obstacles that come in their way.

Weaknesses of the Soviets
No Infiltrator unit.
No disguisable Unit.
No versatility as we have already mentioned above.
Air units take long time to be accessed.
Early expansion efforts are risky.

Soviet Scouting/Rushing Abilities
Scouting is important aspect of Red Alert 3 and Soviet’s initial scout units are War Bear which can be used early in the game to clear away as much as fog as it can possibly do.
Once you have built a war factory, you are ready to produce Bullfrogs to help your infantry in the early rushes, there are important in capturing vital structures and helping infantry units doing early raids to inhibit enemy expansion plans.
Building a battle lab on ground gives you access to all the units of Soviets from long range bombard  V4 rocket launchers to lethal aircraft Kirov, every unit will be at your disposal.

Soviet’s “Weak” Expansion
Expansion may be Red’s weakest link because they can’t setup forward outpost as quickly as other factions without moving their primary construction yard. They need their expansion unit Sputnik which can only be accessed if they already have deployed a war factory or a naval yard.There is risky remedy to this expansion issue, build crusher crane as early as possible to transport your construction yard to the nearest ore mine and setup your base camp there. While it’s an easy and effective way to remedy this expansion issue it is risky as well. Drawbacks to this are, you lose ground control at your primary base camp due to construction yard being out of the field, you are endangering your construction yard to being captured by enemy engineers. So whenever you receive “Enemy Engineer Detected” warning pack it up into an MCV to avoid it’s capture but still it’s troublesome. However any structures that were in cue at that moment will be canceled so I suggest you build some base defenses.

Strong Soviet Defenses

The soviet kick some real ass when it comes to base defending, their defensive units are devestating.Their defense turrets are exceptional and each does it’s job reasonably well.Their Tesla coils are the most powerful advanced base defense structures of the game, able to become super charged when aided by tesla troopers, stingrays and nearby tesla coils. While V4 rocket launchers are meant to assault they can also be used as a good defensive units, camp them behind their fortress walls to crush any enemy approaching the base. And above all the large repair radius of their crusher crane saves you all the trouble of repairs.
One more thing to watch out, defend your super reactor because on destruction it causes a huge explosion so make sure it’s well guarded or if you can’t save it, sell it to lessen the damages.

Soviet Attack Options

One of the advantages that come with soviet is that they are not vulnerable to enemy aircraft’s in early stages of the game. You must deploy super reactor before you will be able to lay down airfields but being very slow to build, you can rely on heavy use of  terror drones, hammer tanks, ultimately V4 rocket launchers and apocalypse tanks, choice is yours. Scouting is vital part as explained it our Basic Red Alert 3 Strategy Guide rest assured you will need lot of anti infantry, anti armor and base defenses to win the battle.

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