Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Multiplayer Strategy Guide

When you are playing RTS Game like Red Alert 3 in a competitive game you need to keep few things in mind, basic strategies/tactics that if implemented correctly can pull a win for you.

Red Alert 3 Multiplayer Strategy
It doesn’t matter which faction you play, there are few Red Alert 3 Strategies that can help you defeat opponents easily.

How to Approach The Game

Be Quick, Multi Tasking is preferred. Be Prepared before going in match against your opponent online. Follow the Game plan, there shouldn’t be any sort  of pauses in the your game just be fluent and quick in decision making.

Use your resources intelligently,buy upgrades, build army, and most importantly use your cash. Send scouts to the battlefield as early as possible to get the insight about your opponent as well as searching for additional ore mines and finding neutral structures to be secured by engineers later on.

Discover your opponents weaklings through scouts and update the game plan. Gather as much data as you could about your opponent’s approach to the game, what type of structure he is building, what type of units, what type of battle it would be and relying on the data build defense structures and army anti to that.

The Art of Distracting/Harassing Your Opponent

Harass and Distract your opponent by attacking resource collectors, regular warnings to the opponent will surely make him panic. Here are some good units to harass and distract your enemy:

Soviet: Bullfrogs loaded with flak troopers, Sickles,Stingrays, Terror drones.
Allies:  Dolphins,Multi Gunner IFV’s loaded with Javelin soldiers, Riptide ACV’s with Javelin soldiers, Vindicators.
Empire:Mecha Tengu, Yarl Minisubs, Tank Busters.
Tengu are extremely useful harassing units, set them to mecha mode to harass and threatening resource collector and when they get in trouble simply set them to jet mode and flee.

Note: Add your new second to third tier units to your army as quickly as you get them.

How to Make Your Opponent Panic

When attacking resource collectors be calm and patient and retreat if necessary you don’t have to kill all the resource collectors, you are just there to distract your opponent while you keep strengthening yourself.

Following are the ideal units for assaulting resource collectors:

Soviets: Akula Subs, Hammer Tanks, Twin Blades.
Allies:   Cryocopters, Guardian Tanks, Assault Destroyers.
Empire: Striker-VX/Chopper-VXS, Tsunami Tanks.

Restrict Your Opponent

Target your opponents base expansion points as early as possible hindering his efforts to gather extra resources quickly, destroy these outer posts to save yourself trouble later because most of the times it happens to be one of those factors that decide the outcome of the match.

Importance of Initial Charge

Remember these initial attacks on resource collectors or outer expansion posts are just to confuse your opponent and upset his game plan. Don’t leave your vehicles behind after just issuing them a single order, retreat/repair them if necessary.

Your primary objective in the early stages of the game is to strengthen your forces and find key areas in the battlefield such as neutral tech structures and ore mines

How to Retreat

When issuing a retreat order always issue a reverse move order making your heavily armored vehicles always facing the enemy from the front more protected side while protecting the back, more vulnerable side.

Why Knowledge is Power

Study the maps thoroughly and know the battlefield strategic points and devise the game plan accordingly, you should have a considerable knowledge of the map you are playing this makes it easy for you to play any opponent. That’s why they  say “Knowledge is Power”.

The Importance of Neutral Structures

Neutral structure in a multiplayer terrain are highly sought out structure due to the advantages that come with them. Here are the most important neutral structures that you need to capture and then secure them from early takeover or destruction.

Oil Derricks: Oil Derricks provide steady income, and also a lump sum money bonus to the army that first captures them.
Garages: Garages give your vehicles the ability to self heal automatically across the battlefield so there are important.
Hospitals: Much like garages, hospitals auto heal all your infantry.

Civilian Structures and Use/Counters of Garrisoned Units

Among other building that can captured are the various civil buildings that can be used to garrison soldiers inside, providing the garrisoned soldiers protection and enabling them  watch the nearby area without the fear of being hit by the enemy. So it is always good to advance your infantry units ahead and garrison as much neutral building as possible.

Use the anti garrison units in your army to clear the enemy garrisoned buildings,each faction has at least one anti garrison unit to clear the buildings, here are these units and the way they clear garrisoned buildings.

Soviet Conscripts with Molotove and Cocktail ability.
Allied Peace Keepers by entering the building.
Imperial Warriors by entering the building.

When you are under an imminent threat of being hit by some anti garrison units of your enemy you can always give your garrisoned units great chance to fight back  by evacuating the structure.

Art of Resource Collection

The most important aspects of the game is how you collect your resources, ore mines hold the integral part to your success or failure and building the outposts and securing them early will make you in advantageous position later in the game.

If you don’t like this approach you always have the choice of building extra refineries to speed up your resource collection but this approach leads eventually towards searching for ore mines later in the game because you will be finished with your initial ore mines early.

How You Should Construct Your Base

Building your base in Red Alert 3 without considering all the aspects of the battlefield is a foolish mistake exploited by Pro’s, so avoid it. Place power generator as far away from hostile entry points as you can because these building are enemy friendly, are easily destructible and losing even one of them can be pain in neck.

Build defense units near hostile entry points and replace them when you have learned everything about your enemy. What type of army/vehicles he is using and distribute them evenly around all corners of your base.

Infantry production facilities should be placed at center because it would be much convenient to move army to and fro from there and also easy to protect these structures.

Vehicle production facilities should be placed in the front lines as their vehicle healing ability is much required. There is exception for Soviets whose vehicle are repaired by crusher crane so that crane should be placed in the front lines, like in the middle of defense turret network.

Tech advancement structures should always be placed at the rear of your base because they are expensive and are slow, and losing them really hurts so it is always recommended to have an engineer looking after these if they come up against heavy fire, in case.

Air Craft production facilities should also be kept at rear because they are the usual target of the enemy and if destroyed they take docked aircraft’s with them.

You got two basic approaches when it comes to how your base layout should be, you can either choose it to be tight or expanded, both come with advantages and disadvantages of their own so it all depends on how you approach the game. If you are a rushy type go for tight base layout.

If you are slow type then expanded layout.Tight base layout gives you easy defending ability, units can reach other spots early and easily, turrets cover more area but this type of layout is vulnerable to heavy bombings and ultimate weaponry while in expanded layout  you have more ground control, turrets cover less area but you are not vulnerable to heavy bombardments and other heavy weapons.

How to Setup Base Defenses in Red Alert 3

Build defense turrets all around your base because they are effective and reliable when it comes to defending.

In the beginning build defense turrets evenly around your base till you find out what your opponent is planning on doing.
When facing Allies don’t forget to deploy some anti air defenses because Allies can quickly deploy aircraft’s.

Always have a scout at hand to find  enemy disguised units gathering data about your terrain. Once you have gathered data about your opponent and know what he is up to, update your defensive lines relying on the information you have at hand.

Even if you know everything about your opponent you still can’t avoid unpredictable behaviors when it comes to wars. If you get attacked heavily by your opponent keep your cool, assess the situation, see what type of vehicles you are up against, immediately queue reinforcements,In crisis situations like that immediately build power generators or save the power shortages by shutting down the structures that are no longer useful in current situation.

If your base gets over run by the enemy consider employing defense support powers that helps a lot and if you think your opponent has left his base without much of protection, is entirely focused on the current attack and you have enough units to repel his attack then quickly counter attack enemy base this will also force him to head back to defend his base.

Red Alert 3 Tech Tree Approach

Tech advancements are necessary to get access to higher tier army units and more sophisticated defense support powers, but early investments in technology is rather risky so do so wisely. It all depends on your gameplay how you approach your game, how you plan on defeating your opponent.

That’s all for basic part of Red Alert 3 Strategy guide!

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