Record CD Projekt RED Profits For 2020 Herald New Production Strategy

Despite the backlash against Cyberpunk 2077 last year, it doesn’t seem to have impacted CD Projekt RED’s bottom line very much. Just today, the studio released its projected earnings for 2020, and they’re the highest they’ve been since 2015. These record CD Projekt RED profits may indicate the studio’s strategy in the future.

Currently, the projection for CD Project Red’s revenue for this year leaves it sitting at around 2,139 million zloty (the Polish currency), and a net profit of 1,154 zloty. Since this prediction doesn’t have any information on 2021, it remains to be seen how the studio’s fortunes will turn out in the future.

Despite how hyped up Cyberpunk 2077 was, the game turned out to be a disappointment for many due to a large amount of bugs and a fairly weak narrative. While it will likely get much better in the future, only time will tell just how many people are willing to give the game another chance.

Either way, the CD Projekt RED profits for 2020 are twice as high as projections in 2015, when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came out. That year’s estimation didn’t even break 1,000 million zloty, while as said before, 2020’s revenue is projected to be around 2,100 million zloty.

CD Projekt RED recently announced that going forward, the studio planned to begin developing multiple different Triple-A games and downloadable content at the same time. Along with that, promotional content would no longer have years’ worth of down time between them, and promotional material would only be released close to the game’s release date.

This strategy will likely help to keep hype under control, but it won’t really predict how the next few years could go for CD Projekt RED. While Witcher 3 retained strong sales after its release, bolstered now and again by a Nintendo Switch port and the release of the Netflix series, Cyberpunk has no such safety net.

CD Projekt RED profits over the next year will likely depend on how fast they can fix Cyberpunk 2077 to a playable state that satisfies fans, so who knows how the company’s fortunes will change by this time next year.