Rebellion is Working on an “Unannounced New Title” Based on Their “Successful IP”

Rebellion, the developer studio of our beloved Sniper Elite and Zombie Army, is on its next project. According to the team’s latest listing they are working on a new unannounced title to push one of the IPs that Rebellion already owns. Do we have any clue on what that might be?

In reality, we can never know what a studio is working on. Especially if their job listings are so stratigically presented that they offer no clue. What we know is that Rebellion is working on that title in order to “push their exclusive IP”. One of the listings, which is about the team looking for a Junior Gameplay Programmer, reads:

Are you an outstanding coder? Rebellion Oxford is now looking for more senior gameplay programmers to join a successful existing team working on an unannounced title for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. This exclusive new title is based on our own successful IP – help us to make our latest game the best one yet!

What we know for a fact is that Rebellion has a couple of titles in development right now. The first is Evil Genius 2: World Domination, which only today got its first gameplay trailer. In addition, the team is working on a VR version of Sniper Elite. Remember the tease that the team dropped last year about a new addition to the Sniper Elite franchise? We could be looking at that right here. However, since we are talking about exclusive IPs, it might not be a video game IP all together. Rebellion is working on comics for Judge Dread, so we might be looking at a video game on that too.

For the time being, we can look forward for Evil Genius 2 which looks like an exciting mix of simulation and satirical comedy. The game has no set release date yet. However, it will release  in 2021 so stay tuned for its launch. As for the new title that  Rebellion is working on, it will take some time before we know more. The team is still looking for more people to power up its coding team. If you feel that you are qualified enough, you can take your chance with their openings, since the team offers positions in varius departments.

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