Realm Royale Once Boosted To Knockout Fortnite Loses 94% Users In 2 Months

Realm Royale was once being dubbed as the next big thing, while also being declared to be destined to rule out Fortnite’s era has seen the worst of it perhaps. In just two months after the launch of Realm Royale, the game has lost over 90 percent of its users.

There hasn’t been a shortage of fresh Battle Royale games in the market since Fortnite and PUBG rose to fame. The inception of Battle Royale games has set out a wave that everyone has tried to catch up to. Almost every day some new game heads off to wipe the domination of Fortnite from the gaming community. Nonetheless, they all failed miserably. Realm Royale has set the most recent example for us on this issue. Developers of Realm Royale, Hi-Rez Studios confirmed that 94% of their initial users have left the game in pursuit of better options.

Realm Royale started the caught the eyes of the gaming community with its early Steam access. However, the game failed to amuse the gamers for than just a while. Reports from Steam DB suggest that June 2018 had the maximum user count of 105,440 for Realm Royale. Now the numbers have drastically dropped down to 5561 in a span of two months only.

Realm Royale has taken varied criticism from players besides the rate at which the bugs that were reported shows that their user-base might not be as huge as Fortnite but they seemed pretty committed. The steam discussion page has got the players all in their feelings. One users was worried saying “why is everybody leaving? I love this game”. On the contrary, some players “lost all faith” in Hi-Rez Studios for developing such a game.

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Source: GameByte

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