Rayman Legends Lums Farming Guide

Rayman Legends
The currency in Rayman Legends that you can use to unlock many different costumes is found in the form of little dancing creatures called Lums. You can get them by reaching various milestones in the single player game or by completing challenges alongside other Rayman Legends players in the community.

They appear in every level, and you can normally find about a thousand Lums per level. However, since the most expensive costume in the Heroes gallery costs about a million Lums, this is not even a drop in the bucket.

You can also get Lums from Lucky Tickets, ranging from anywhere between 500 Lums and 10,000 Lums. Aside from that, completing Rayman Legends, along with Back to Origins with every Teensy and Gold Lum Cup should net you somewhere in the neighborhood of 40,000 Lums.

This will, sadly, still leave you significantly short of the mountains of Lums you need for the Costumes. Therefore, the only feasible option you have is to turn to the community challenges.

These challenges are hosted daily, and winning cups in them results in significant Lums rewards. For Example, if you win a Diamond Cup in an ordinary Daily Challenge you can get 10,000 Lums. That’s a potential 10k every day. If that wasn’t enough, you can also win 25,000 Lums in the Weekly Extreme challenge. Basically this is your ticket to the 1,000,000 Lums you need.

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Here are the Awards tiers for the challenges:

  • Daily Diamond Cup = 10,000 Lums
  • Daily Extreme Diamond Cup = 20,000 Lums
  • Daily Extreme Gold Cup = 10,000 Lums
  • Weekly Diamond Cup = 15,000 Lums
  • Weekly Gold Cup = 6,000 Lums
  • Weekly Silver Cup = 3,000 Lums
  • Weekly Extreme Diamond Cup = 25,000 Lums

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