Infinite Warfare Zombies Rave in the Redwoods Easter Egg Steps Guide

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies Rave in the Redwoods Easter Egg Steps Guide to help you complete the elaborative Easter Egg with our step-by-step guide.

Similar to Zombies Mode featured in earlier Call of Duty games, there is an elaborative Easter Egg that can be completed in Rave in the Redwoods. Completing the Easter Egg involves multiple steps i.e. restoring power, finding Pack-a-Punch, etc.

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Infinite Warfare Zombies Rave in the Redwoods Easter Egg Steps Guide

In our Infinite Warfare Zombies Rave in the Redwoods Easter Egg Steps Guide, we have detailed all the steps involved in completing the Easter Egg and unlocking the final cut-scene.

Infinite Warfare Zombies Rave in the Redwoods Easter Egg Steps

Step #1 – Activating the Power

In order to turn on the power, you need to head over to the generator room. To do that, head outside from the door near the fireplace. A little ahead, take the wooden bridge and proceed towards the Mess Hall.

You need to progress through the Mess Hall and head outside from the other side. From the signpost, head left towards the cabins. The path should lead you to the Camp Wolf with a sign a little ahead.

After you head into Old Marvin Mine, proceed through the tunnel, and head to your immediate right. Head down the stairs and go past the minecart. From this point, head into another tunnel and you should be able to find yourself in the generator room.

Now simply pull the switch to activate the power and find a secret staircase leading you back into the spawn area.

Step #2 – Pack a Punch

Finding Pack-a-Punch in Rave in the Redwoodss require some work. It is actually located on a separate island which can only be reached using a boat. However, you need three propeller parts in order to fix the boat.

These parts are located in the Mess Hall, Recreational Area, and near Tuff Nuff Jugger-Nog. With the boat fixed, head towards the Turtle Island where you will find a projector that reveals Pack-a-Punch.

In order to use the projector, you need to find two Film Reels – one is located near the docks and the other one is near the fire.

This should allow you to activate the projector in order to summon a portal that leads into the Pack-a-Punch area.

Step #3 – Kevin Smith

While you are in the projector area, interact with the radio placed nearby to speak with the Kevin Smith and gather some hints detailing how to complete the Easter Egg.

Step #4 – Finding Photos

After speaking with Kevin Smith, you must find three photos, three ritual items, and complete the ritual. In this section, I have listed the locations of all photos:

Photo #1
The first one is found on the upper level of the Recreational Area.

Photo #2
The second one is found inside the Generator Room where you activate the power.

Photo #3
The final one is found on the terrace above the spawn area.

Step #5 – Finding Ritual Items

Once you have found the photos, it is time to move on and find three Ritual Items:

Ritual Item #1
The first one is right in front of the Bang Bang machine.

Ritual Item #2
The second one is located near the fire in the Adventure Course.

Ritual Item #3
The final one is located inside the Recreational Area, next to Quickies.

Step #6 – Completing the Ritual

With everything at your disposal, you need to head over to the Ritual Site, place items, and go on a zombie killing rampage. You must wait a round between each photo and speak with Kevin from the Projector Room and complete the ritual for each photo.

Once the ritual is completed, grab the item, and get ready for a boss fight.

Step #7 – Boss Fight

Once you are done with the ritual, you need to head over to the boat, and get teleported to the boss arena.

After you get to the boss arena, try to leave the boss be, and focus all your attention on killing the zombies near the blue balls in order to collect their souls and fill the orbs.

Once you have successfully done it, try to lure the boss into the sigil drawn on the ground, and deal as much damage as possible. This sigil basically immobilizes the boss for a couple of seconds which is plenty to deal some damage.

After you are done with the second phase, the boss will have different markings on its body; signifying its weak spots. What you need to do is to simply target the weak spots and you should be able to complete the Easter Egg in no time.

This is all we have on our Infinite Warfare Zombies Rave in the Redwoods Easter Egg Steps Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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