Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Viceron Collectibles Locations Guide

The Zordoom Prison on Viceron planet in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart holds many collectible items and, in this Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Viceron Collectibles Locations guide, we’ll help you find the locations of all 7 of them.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Viceron Collectibles Locations

The 7 collectibles on the Viceron planet in RnC Rift Apart include 3 Gold Bolts, 2 Armor Pods, 1 Craigger Bear, and 1 Spybot in different locations. Below, we mention how to get to each of them.

Gold Bolt Locations

Gold Bolt #1
Right after meeting with Ms. Zurkon, you should Phantom Dash through the circular doorway and after that take left two times to go through another doorway. After that, go through the doorway on the right side and see the Gold Bolt right in front of you. You can also see the map below for the exact location.

Gold Bolt #2
For the second Gold Bolt, you have to go to the northeast corner of the area where you will see circular platforms with cells on them. Go over the top of the area you will find the second gold bolt collectible. The distance meter on the screen is very helpful in finding collectibles.

viceron gold bolt collectible


Gold Bolt #3
After unlocking all the prison cells, you will find the third and the last gold bolt collectible on the second floor in one of the cells. It also unlocks the Hammer Swap Pack 2.

Spybot Location

You will find the Spybot early on in the game while going through the vents by destroying the fans.  For this you have to go into an orange room to collect this collectible. From the T intersection go right and you will reach that location. The Spybot distance from you will also be visible on the screen which will help in reaching quickly.

Viceron Spybot Collectible

Viceron CraiggerBear

You will find the Craigger Bear trophy from the room where you free the resistance and recover the Clank. You will find this trophy right across from where the Clank was kept.

Armor Sets

First Armor Location
After going to the location given in the map go jumping through the boxes to the upper level. You will find an open cell with an Armor Pod collectible in the cell on the left-hand side.

Second Armor Location
After opening the prison cell, you will find the second collectible in the southeastern cell. With this, you will also pick up the Q force chest. The exact location can be seen on the map.

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