Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Torren IV Collectibles Locations Guide

If you are looking for the locations of all the collectibles in Torren IV, then you have landed at the perfect page. We have listed and explained all the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Torren IV Collectibles Locations below.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Torren IV Collectibles Locations

There are the total of 5 collectibles in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart’s Torren IV area. These are Gold Bolts, Spybot, Craigger Bear and Praetorian Helm. Below are the locations of each of these collectibles.

Gold Bolt 1

As you proceed through the first level, there will come a point where you will see that the bridge is out and a Wall Run panel is situated to your left. So head into this cave to the right and you will see a Hooverboot Boost. Get over it using the Wall Run panel and a versa target, and you will see the first Gold Bolt.

RYNO Spybot Location

As you proceed further, you will come across the Little Junktown area. Lean down and you will see a narrow path to the right of the area. Go through the path and you will step into an area with a gravity strip. You will be attacked by some enemies here. So deal with them and proceed further into the cave like area. You will find the Spybot at the bottom of the cave.

CraiggerBear Location

When you once again land in the Little Junktown area from your ship, go ahead straight and keep looking at the right side. The CraiggerBear will be sitting next to some TVs on a stall to the right side of this pathway.

Gold Bolt 2

There is yet another Gold Bolt in Torren 4, located on the Grind Rail section. After you have crossed the Ms. Zurkon’s, Rivet will tell you that there is a rift. You will see a yellow rift that you should quickly climb and get onto the new Grid Rail. You’ll then pick up the Gold Bolt as you rift apart to this Rail.

Praetorian Helm

When you have got the Hurlshot upgrade, return to Ms. Zurkon in Little Junktown area. You will witness a new section that is guarded by various enemies. So use your VersaTarget and get to this new section. There will be a dark area to your right that can actually be opened to gain access to Pocket Dimension. Once there, take the Speedle Ride and you will get the Praetorian Helm.