Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Seekerpede Boss Guide

Just as Rivet gets some valuable information from Clank, a Nefarious Trooper piloting an imposing Seekerpede robot abducts Clank! You need to get Clank back and take the Seekerpede down. In this Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Seekerpede Boss guide we’ll tell you exactly how to defeat Seekerpede by providing essential tips and strategies.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Seekerpede Boss

Seekerpede is a robotic boss in RnC Rift Apart and it is much like a centipede, only this centipede can fly too. The first part of the fight is where you need to chase the Seekerpede as he abducts Clank and tries to flee away.

Phase 1

As the cutscene finishes you will jump on a beetle-like insect which will help you chase the Seekerpede boss. You will have to stay on the path in front of you, a lake over which the Boss is flying.

There will be plenty of obstacles in the water such as mines that will explode, so watch out as you race after the Seekerpede. As you get close, Rivet will mention that you need to get on it and destroy the stabilizer.

Keep on chasing the bot and use the ramps on the lake to get on top of it, this is how you hit the Flight Stabilizer to bring the Boss to halt momentarily.

Phase 2

You’ll be dropped into a new boss arena. Here, you need to fight The Seekerpede as the pilot deploys robots and fires lasers at you. You can easily jump and dash left and right while constantly damaging the boss with your Negatron collider laser. Also, drop a Mr. Fungi to do constant damage while you’re dodging.

Also, make sure that you jump at the right moment when the Boss swipes its long fangs like arms on the platform! Eventually, the boss will start to flee again, and the chase will start again.

Phase 3

Just like before, use the ramps, get on the Seekerpede’s platform and hit the Stabilizer again! The fight will start again but now you only have to deplete the rest of the Robot’s health. Follow the same strategy. Dodge and attack.

The Seekerpede gains some new attacks which include a volley of spheres that lodge themselves into the ground and form a field around themselves. Simply avoid them on impact and strafe around them while attacking the Seekerpede.

Use whatever weapons you have and eventually when the HP is low enough, the hatch protecting the pilot will break. A cutscene will play and the boss will be defeated, and Clank will be Rescued. You will get the Hide N’ Seekerpede Trophy for taking down the Seekerpede.