Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Savali Collectibles Locations Guide

In this Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Savali Collectibles guide, we’ll give away the locations of all the collectibles, so you can get your hands on all the easter eggs scattered around this map.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Savali Collectibles Locations

Savali hides some of the best and the rarest collectibles in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. This mechanical land contains 19 collectibles including 12 Lorbs, 3 armor pieces, 3 Gold Bolts, and a Spy Bot.

Lorbs Locations

Lorb #1
Starting with the Lorbs, the first one is located near the disc-like Arches by the river.

Lorb #2
The second Lorb is located at the Western Edge of Savali next to a huge boulder.

Lorb #3
For the third orb, travel northeast from the second location until you come across a giant walking robot. There’s a ramp nearby with a booster on it, that’ll give you the additional push to land on the elevated platform, where the third Lorb resides.

Lorb #4
The fourth Lorb is located to the north of the third Lorb, near the destroyed buildings.

Lorb #5
The fifth Lorb is located in southern Savali on a small landing protruding out of the cliffs. To make your way to the Lorb do a ninja run on the vertical wall boosters attached to the cliff.

Lorb #6
Moving further south of the fifth location, you’ll find the sixth Lorb. Head through the three portals in the shadows of the cliffs, one after the other, and then slide down the rail to get to the Orb.

Lorb #7
For the 7th Orb, you’ll have to head east of where you found the fifth orb. It’s spring in the east, and you’ll be surrounded by trees with pink flowers. amidst those trees are four orbs contained within four different pillars. Shoot the orbs and the 7th orb will rise from the ground.

Lorb #8
Head to the southwestern edge of the map. You’ll find three antagonists here, guarding the Lorb. Defeat them and then shoot the explosive boxes to reveal the Lorb hidden inside a small cave.

Lorb #9
Ninth Lorb is located at the northern end of the map. It is located inside a dark cave, dimly lit by very few light lamps. You’ll be ambushed by several antagonists inside while you’re struggling to catch some light. Defeat them and the Lorb will appear.

Lorb #10
Head to the middle of the map to get your hands on the 10th Lorb. It is a little to the east of one of the Raritanium locations. Again, you’ll be surrounded by the trees with pink leaves. The Lorb is located in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by a couple of enemies.

Lorb #11
Head southwest from the last Lorb location to collect the 11th Lorb. There’s a portal on one of the highest cliffs in the region. Use the mushroom trampoline to get to the portal. Enter it and you’ll see the Lorb straightaway.

Lorb #12
For this last Lorb, head to the northwestern corner of the map. It is located on a run-away platform which you’ll have to chase down to get the 12th Lorb.

Gold Bolts

Gold Bolt #1
Gold Bolt 1 is located towards the southeast of the map and it is on a movable platform that you’ll have to chase down.

Gold Bolt #2
To the north of the map is a pipeline on the ground with red lights flashing in it. Follow the pipeline to get to the second Gold Bolt.

Gold Bolt #3
For the last gold bolt on Savali, head to the northwestern end of the map, and jump down the huge hole in the ground. The hole will appear once you jump on a huge yellow button on the ground.

Underneath, you’ll come across a locked door. The controller that opens the door is infected with a virus. Clear the virus for the door to open and you’ll find the third Gold Bolt inside.

Armor Sets

Lombax Praetorian Armor Boots
These are found quite near to Gold Bolt 1 in a pocket dimension.

Captain Starshield Armor Helmet
Moving further east from the boot’s location, you’ll find another pocket dimension that has the armor helmet.

Robot Pirate Armor Chest
Near the armor pod in the north of the map, you’ll come across another movable platform that is home to the armor chest.

Spybot Location

Ryno Spybot
At the same exact location as that of Robot armor chest, you’ll find a cave near a waving white flag. At the entrance, there is some Raritanium crystal. There is a ship in the middle of the cave that has the Ryno Spybot fragment.

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