Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Sargasso Collectibles Locations Guide

In this Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Sargasso Collectibles Locations guide, we will be going over all of the different collectibles on the Sargasso planet. These collectibles include Armor Pods, Bolts, Spybots, and Zurpstones. We will be pinpointing the locations for all of these things.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Sargasso Collectibles Locations

Sargasso in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart is filled with a plethora of collectibles for you to collect. These include Armor Pods, Spybots, Zurpstones, and Gold Bolts.

We recommend that you finish all of your story-related quests and activities on the planet before you decide to go hunt for all the collectibles. That way, you can explore and access all parts of the planet and be quicker as well.

Armor Sets

Sargasso Outpost L51 has 3 Pocket Dimensions and upon entering these dimensions, you can collect 3 Armor Set Pods.

First Armor Pod
The first armor pod is located inside the pocket dimension near the place where you rode the Speedles. As soon as you enter the dimension, look in front of you to find the Galactic Ranger Armor Pod.

Second Armor Pod
For the second armor pod, you need to go to the lower left side of the Outpost L51 and destroy some crates to carve a path for yourself. Continue along the path inside the pocket dimension and you will reach the Robot Disguise Chest.

Third Armor Pod
Once you reach the third pocket dimension on the Sargasso outpost L51, keep going on the path until you reach the very end of the pocket dimension and you should be able to spot the Robot Disguise Boots.

Gold Bolts

There are two Gold Bolts on this outpost. The first one is located near your ship. Keep going northwest from where your ship is and you will reach a warp portal. The Gold Bolt is on the other side of this portal.

The second gold bolt is located towards the southeast of the factory. You can travel to its location on a Speedle if you want. Move along the backside of the southeast corner of the factory to find the second gold bolt.

Once you’ve collected all of these collectibles, you need to complete an additional quest to unlock the bonus collectibles on the Sargasso Outpost L51.

Help Trudi

To commence this quest, you need to go to the Scarstu Debris Field and collect 15 Zurpstones. Zurpstones are marked on your map and as soon as you collect the first 15 Zurpstones, Mort highlights the remaining 45 Zurpstones on your map.

Additional Armor Pod
You can receive the Galactic Ranger Boots from Mort if you collect 30 Zurpstones and then go talk to him back at the factory.

Additional Spybot
To get the additional Spybot, you need to collect 45 Zurpstones, and then Mort will tell you that Trudi can breathe fire as well. Use this new power to collect 60 Zurpstones and get the Spybot from Mort.

Additional Gold Bolt
You can earn this gold bolt once you’re done collecting all the Zurpstones and go back to the factory. From there, you need to fly high towards the southeast until you spot a hoop in the air. The gold bolt is resting in the center of that loop.

With this, you have successfully collected all of the collectibles on the Sargasso L51 Outpost in Rift Apart.

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