Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Lorb Locations Guide

The sixteenth installment of the Ratchet & Clank series named Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is out now, exclusively for PlayStation 5 users. The game has multiple collectibles that you can find to get trophies and in-game rewards. In this Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Lorb Locations guide, we will learn about the Lorbs collectibles and where to find all of them.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Lorb Locations

There are a total of 12 Lorb collectibles that you can found on the Savali Planet. Collecting all 12 of the Lorbs will guarantee you the Wasteland Armor Set in Ratchet and Clank.

Once you are on the Savali Planet, go to the Monk Scholar and get the Hunt for Lombax Lore side quest. The quest requires you to get all of the Lorbs. The first three Lorbs are not marked on the map and you have to find them on your own.

Below you will find the locations of the first three Lorb collectibles:

Lorb #1
Right in the middle of the map, head towards the marked location as shown above. Near Ms. Zukon’s shop will be an elevated platform on which the Lombax Shrine will be placed. Hit the Lorb to collect it.

Lorb #2
The second Lorb is just to the left of where the first one was on the map. Head towards the marked location. The shrine will be protected by a shield. To deactivate the shield, there are three pressure plates that act like switches near the shield.

Look for the three rings and go through them using your Hoverboots. This will deactivate the shield and you can collect the Lorb.

Lorb #3
At the western edge of the map will be your third Lorb. It is protected by a bunch of Nefarious Troopers. Defeat the enemies and gather the Lorb.

Now that you have the first three Lorbs, you will unlock the Might’ve Broken Something trophy. Take the Lorbs back to the Monk Scholar to get the first set of the Wasteland Armor. The next 9 Lorbs will now be marked on the map.

Lorb #4
Make your way towards the northwest region on the map and you will see a spaceship traveling in the area. Chase the spaceship and once you get near it, press L1 to grapple on to it.

Once you’re on the spaceship, step on the pressure plate to deactivate the shield and get the Lorb.

Lorb #5
Now head towards the top north side of the map and go a bit to your right on the map. You will find a cave that has the Lorb inside of it.

Lorb #6
Head back to the dead center of the map where the Lorb icon is. The lorb is on top of an elevated platform that you can only reach by using the speed boost. There is a small ramp near the platform.

Use your Hoverboots to achieve maximum speed and make the jump towards the platform. Once on the platform, you can collect the Lorb.

Lorb #7
Go south and towards east from where the previous Lorb was on the map. Again, you have to use the speed boost from the ramp to reach the elevated platform.

Once on the platform, jump on the mushrooms and grapple onto the dimensional rift to reach the next platform. Repeat the same steps and you will reach the platform with the Lorb.

Now, head back to the Monk Scholar to get the next set of the Wasteland Armor.

Lorb #8
On the rightmost side of the map, look for a small forest. In the middle of the forest will be the Lombax Shrine containing the Lorb.

Lorb #9
The southern part of the map contains the last four Lorbs. From where the seventh Lorb was found, head towards south on the map.

You will reach an area where there are four pillars in a horizontal line. One of the pillars is red while the other three are blue. Shoot the red pillar to turn it into blue and do the same for the next one.

Once all four have turned blue, the shrine will be revealed.

Lorb #10
Head straight down towards south on the map to find the tenth Lorb. To reach this Lorb, you have to wall run and activate the switches on your way. The dome protecting the shrine will open and you can collect the Lorb.

Lorb #11
From the previous shrine, head more towards the east side on the map to find the next shrine. The Lorb is behind a wall of wooden crates blocking the entrance to the tunnel. Destroy the crates and get the Lorb from the Lombax Shrine.

Lorb #12
The last Lorb on the Savali Planet is located on an island in the southern part of the map. Head to that island by grappling from one dimensional rift to another. Collect the Lorb from the shrine once you reach the Island.

Once all 12 of the Lorbs have been collected, head back to the Monk Scholar to get your last set of the Wasteland Armor and complete the side quest.